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Survival 4 Husky
Lotus Images6.png
Aerial view of the Lotus City in early development
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
FoundedApril 1st, 2020
Mayor(s)20.png FangsofAmber
20.png _Skyhook
20.png SummerFlower1234
Lotus Team:

20.png Broga_
20.png Hiulgrin
20.png Silverlurker
20.png MollusSlime
20.png Mrs_Diss
20.png RynnEver
20.png Riot_of_Penguins
20.png Pigeon_Confirmed
20.png DutchSoccer
20.png Etathetazeta
20.png Blueartistic813_
20.png Tr3Brock
20.png SacredLotusMC
20.png ThEquinox2

LocationX= -3584
Y= 69
Z= 5120

Lotus was a settlement on the Survival 4 world of the Dogcraft Server. It was both the primary base for the Lotus Federation and the location of Lotus City. The city was connected to the SRN via a branchline from South 3. With the 1.16 update, a central hub was constructed, including paths from the NTN and to farm areas elsewhere in the nether.

Project Lotus

"Together we can accomplish anything." STSS Lotus Captain Blingbones

After the announcement of Survival 3's end, Broga_ brought together individuals from Dragon Valley, Home Tree, Barkenstein, and Calafort in Discord to discuss plans for Survival 4. These conversations led to the foundations of Lotus. It was decided the build would be a mix of custom biomes around a central city. At first, the group rallied around a location established by FangsofAmber known as the Lotus Depot. This location was used for farms and villager trading on the earliest days of the server. While in the region, those of the Order of Calafort in Lotus scouted to the NE discovering the location that would become Calafort 脷r. Around this time several players split off, deciding to base on the new server Beagle. This group would become the HTC, and both groups maintained close ties with frequent cooperation between them. As people of Lotus began to settle into the lands that would be Lotus City, they renamed themselves to better fit their build's lore as the Lotus Federation.

The Lotus Area

The Lotus Area was divided into 8 different Biomes separated by curving roads known as meanders. The outer edge of Lotus was a 1001 block circle with the meanders making their way to the borders of Lotus City proper. The different biomes were in early states of completition by May 2020. There was a Dwarven Shattered Mountain Biome, a Halfling Farmland Biome, an Ocean Biome, a River Cliff Meadow Biome, an Elven Forest Biome, and an Alien Hive Biome with 1.16. With the update also came construction on one of the two empty biomes, a Volcanic Biome. The final biome remained a mystery to all but those inside the project.

Lotus City

The main home of the inhabitants of Lotus. Founded long ago by those who came from the stars based around the starship they arrived on. The city roads followed an aperture pattern moving towards the central plaza of the city. Between the roads were various plots designated for citizens to build homes while the city's industrial elements went deep underground. Even in the wee hours of the morning you could hear the hiss and crack of the machinery below the surface.

STSS Lotus

This starship made up the central tower of Lotus City. It consisted of the engineering section at the base and the storage rooms. This also included a connection to the lower industrial area. The upper sections included the habitation rings and the upper library. The command section was sealed off, containing the undead crewmembers who gave their lives to bring the ships to safety so long ago.

Central Plaza

This relaxing location was the transition from the outer city to the central tower. Seasonally, the undead crew of the Lotus tested the ship's systems, causing the occasional scorch mark.

Lotus Metro Station

This station connected Lotus to the SRN and NTN via a branchline from South 3.


The area surrounding the Lotus crash leaked fuel and radiation, which caused mutation and uprooting of the area, creating the biomes.

Biome 1

A volcanic wasteland filled with igneous rock and lava. Once home to a religious civilization who built temples and made sacrifices to the gods and were wiped out when the ships crashed, leaving only the ruins of their buildings.

  • One central volcano, with lava pools and rivers dotted around
  • Small sky islands, with one slightly larger holding a broken nether portal-New wrecked ship

Biome 2

A River Cliff Meadow by {Player|RiotofPenguins}}, this lush biome was based off the designs used at the Lotus Flower farm. A main village filled the center of the biome, with custom cliff faces lining the biome's river. The branch line passed through this biome, using a unique design to better fit in with the biome's aesthetics.

Biome 3-4

These two biomes were unique in how they were split compared to the other biomes. Instead of using the meanders for division, these two instead were split between the land-based biome of New Hobbiton, and the undersea realm watched over by the great Dragon Turtle. Decorative farms of all kinds filled the Hobbiton sections, and an underwater dance club was planned for the undersea biome.

Biome 5

Consisting of huge overgrown mutated trees, this area was the native land of unknown people who lived here before the ship crashed.

Biome 6

This biome's theme wasn't finalized. It was to contain the Lotus Museum within its boundaries.

Biome 7

Larger mountains were forced upward into the skies when energy released from the Lotus crash, giving birth to a dwarven underground-dwelling people living in the caves and tunnels they carved out.

Biome 8

The leakage of the highly radioactive fuel from the Lotus ship created an infested/corrupt barren wasteland which was home to many mutated bug-like creatures and terrain.

Other Notable Features

RynnEver's Teleporting House

This feature of the Lotus project saw its fair share of locations around the different Biomes. At first glance, it seems like a normal Acacia and Sandstone Structure. However, it was documented that it appeared on a mountain top, under the sea, within a tree, and deep underground. A replica of the house was set up within Lotus City proper to let those who were curious to hunt down this mysterious building know what they were looking for.

The Dragons of Lotus

Long before the ships fell from the sky, great Dragons filled the lands that would be known as Lotus. The surviving 4 greatest of them could be found in half of the biomes, representing the primal elementals of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. (Builds by 20.png ThEquinox2)


Generations ago in far off space existed an ancient star surrounded by planets full of life. Some worlds were wellsprings of magic, and others bastions of technology. Their ways of life were as different as their peoples. As one would expect, there were cycles of war and times of peace among these worlds. These cycles all came to an end when a great cataclysm swept through the system.

Some said it was a star collapsing in on itself unleashing massive gravitational forces. Others claim it was the completion of some foul ritual awaking some trapped abomination that started devouring worlds. Still, others speak of things far stranger and beyond reason sweeping in from the abyss of the starry void. What little warning the worlds received allowed a mix of crafts mystical, electronic, and fusions among the two to fill the skies attempting to escape. As craft after craft began to succumb to the cataclysm, one ship became a beacon to the others. The STSS Lotus acted as a wedge through the gravitational vortexes surrounding the system allowing what ships that were able to follow after. Using the majority of their power reserves, the Lotus tore open a wormhole taking the flock of ships to the world known as Husky.

(To be continued...)


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