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List of RHN Shelters (Survival 4)

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Number of shelters over time as of March 14th 2022 (By TyrantrumGOD)

For more information about RHN, see Road and Horse Network
For the list from Survival 5, see List of RHN Shelters on Sur5

This is a list of shelters made by the Road and Horse Network on the Husky Dogcraft Server. RHN has mainly been on Husky while the .Path Network Group has worked on Beagle. Husky and Beagle was shut down on March 14th 2022, meaning the update that came on that date was the last update for this list.

Function of Shelters

Shelters made by RHN are made so players that chose to travel through RHN roads can get some rest at night or other time of the day. It helps new players to sleep through the night and to fight off mobs that spawn.

List of Shelters

This list will provide you with shelters that exist in Husky. It shows the name, it's coords and if it has a phome or not. As of July 21st 2021, there are 25 shelters across the world of Husky. The RHN Centre serves as the headquarters for the project. If a shelter doesn't have a link to it, it was either added after the end of Sur4 or it is not finished.

The player 20.png TyrantrumGOD maintains a spreadsheet of all RHN stations.

Picture Name Coordinates Public home
Aria Shelter.png Aria Shelter 1089 27 -625 /phome Aria [RHN]
Butterfly Valley Shelter.png Butterfly Valley Shelter -3369 67 642 /phome Butterfly Valley Shelter
Cave Corp Shelter.png Cave Corp Shelter 71 65 -659 /phome Cave Corp Shelter
Crossover Shelter.png Crossover Shelter -190 66 -3126 /phome Crossover Shelter
Desert Resort Shelter.png Desert Resort Shelter -197 73 -2272 /phome Desert Resort Shelter
East Station Shelter.png East Station Shelter 1101 72 -388 /phome East Station Shelter
Edo Bridge Shelter.png Edo Bridge Shelter -201 72 636 /phome Edo Bridge Shelter
Egg Harbour Midway Shelter 2975 70 -2105 ---
Gaia Road Shelter.png Gaia Road Shelter -394 75 -1283 /phome Gaia Road Shelter
Ghost March Shelter.png Ghost March Shelter -1217 70 2087 /phome Ghost March Shelter
Haven RHN Shelter.png Haven RHN Shelter -2408 78 183 /phome Haven RHN Shelter
HQ Shelter.png HQ Shelter -3554 63 -19 /phome SRN_HQ_Station
Ice Gap Shelter.png Ice Cap Shelter -1913 66 1292 No phome yet
Land Bridge Shelter.png Land Bridge Shelter 107 68 -837 /phome Land Bridge Shelter
Land River Shelter.png Land River Shelter -425 67 -771 /phome Land River Shelter
LoLo's Gulch Shelter.png LoLo's Gulch Shelter -1305 80 -616 /phome LoLo's Gulch Shelter
Lotus Shelter.png Lotus Shelter -3585 64 4594 /phome Lotus Shelter
Nimwald Road Shelter.png Nimwald Road Shelter -5272 64 221 /phome Nimwald Road Shelter
Oak Town Shelter.png Oak Town Shelter -7623 67 228 /phome Oak Town Shelter
Oasis Road Shelter.png Oasis Road Shelter 462 69 -213 /phome Oasis Road Shelter
Overpass Shelter.png Overpass Shelter 10 72 992 /phome Overpass Shelter
Oxbow Station Shelter.png Oxbow Station Shelter -1019 64 1814 /phome Oxbow Station Shelter
RHN Centre.png RHN Centre -15 68 -306 /phome RHN Centre
Sandstone Sights Shelter.png Sandstone Sights Shelter -2114 70 -2441 /phome Sandstone Sights Shelter
M-Bay Shelter.png Seapoint Shelter -1753 63 -1997 /phome Seapoint Shelter
Sikukuu Shelter.png Sikukuu Shelter -1549 70 527 /phome Sikukuu Shelter
Snowy Junction Shelter.png Snowy Junction Shelter -1216 66 868 /phome Snowy Junction Shelter
Spawn Shelter.png Spawn Shelter -165 71 -303 /phome Spawn Shelter
Takeshi Shelter.png Takeshi Shelter -560 65 -1517 /phome Takeshi Shelter
Vibrant Canny Shelter.jpeg Vibrant Canny Shelter 2761 78 -1431 No phome
Vitruvius Shelter.png Vitruvius Shelter -2135 65 1950 /phome Vitruvius_RHNShelter

Incomplete shelters

The following shelters have both not yet opened as a result of permission issues.