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Camp Beagle
Survival 4 Beagle
Beagle Spawnpoint.png
A view looking up from the Spawn platform.
WorldSurvival 4 (Beagle)
Builder(s)Dogcraft Build Team
LocationX= 0
Y= 64
Z= 0

Beagle was one of the two Survival 4 worlds on the Dogcraft Server. Camp Beagle, located at (0, 0) was the spawn point, and served as the origin point where all players started when they first joined. The build had striking similarity to its original counterpart, Husky. This was an intended feature, in order to give the two overworld dimensions as much continuity and 'togetherness' as possible.

Camp Beagle

Camp Beagle was based on a rustic American 'summer camp' theme and had several areas. Players spawned into the world on a jetty at the southern end of the camp, before making their way up to the camp house with rules. After the player had viewed these, they could continue north to the flagpole area. From there the camp area then split into several paths. One led past a sun dial to the cabins, filled with interesting items and commemorating the builder of the area. Another led to the SRN's Grand Central Station, where four railway lines departed through the landscape in each cardinal direction, as well as the server nether portal in a split off path nearby. The eastern path headed toward the Dining Hall, and split in two, one leading out to the camp gate, and another back toward the day area to the boat racing track. The elements of the camp were set in a dense spruce forest. The camp used blue merchandise to differentiate from Husky's red.


After performance issues using a singular overworld, the decision was made around a week after opening to implement a second. This left the Build Team with a very short window to complete a second spawn location. Fortunately, due to the team's recent experience with the same style and elements, this could be achieved and the area was complete on the 9th of April, five days after it began. The project was again coordinated by former Build Team leader 20.png OldManLP85, with the building completed by members of the Build Team, higher staff, and SRN personnel.