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Road and Horse Network

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Road & Horse Network
Survival 4 Survival 5 Survival 6
RHN logo.png
RHN Logo
TypeServer-wide Project
World(s)Survival 4 (Husky)

Survival 5 (All 4)

Survival 6 (Sheltie & Retriever)
Leader(s)20.png _edo

20.png _Shako

20.png TyrantrumGOD

The Road & Horse Network (RHN) is a group project focused on building and maintaining over 30 kilometers of roads across the Survival 4 Multiplayer worlds of the Dogcraft Server. The current network is mostly around the larger Husky spawn area, but ever expanding. The roads are the primary way to travel by horse, donkey, mule, foot or pig to visit all the connected cities, towns and player bases. A similar project, the .Path Network Group operates a road network on the Beagle world.

The RHN can be seen as the younger, smaller, and less organized nephew of the other travel networks: SRN (Survival Railway Network) and NTN (Nether Transport Network).

RHN roads map as of 6 February 2022. (by _Shako)


Survival 4 - The Start Saga

The project was first imagined as a semi-serious suggestion by 20.png _edo (who also founded the SRN and the NTN) to add another discussion channel on the Discord SRN/NTN server, to talk about the planning and building of a road network that would go alongside the Survival Railway Network. Two roads, present-day Takeshi Road and Gaia Road, had already been built and there was potential for more. The suggestion was kindly dismissed. So instead, on July 14th, 2020, 3.5 months after the start of the Husky world, _edo started a new Discord server solely for the creation of a roads network.

Since then, the RHN has steadily grown. As of July 2021, the RHN Discord server has 67 members, 17 of whom have actually built parts of the network, and the network of roads reaches up to 7.5k blocks away from spawn. Notably, 20.png _Shako built a large section of the newer roads (Stone Exchange Road, Eagle Road, Lotus Isthmus Road, Flower Hills Road) and upgraded many of the older roads.

Survival 5 - The Expansion Saga

After Survival 5 came to life, there were talks about which world(s) that RHN would join to make their roads and shelters. At first, Shepherd were announced to hold RHN which let there be a big part of the West area from Spawn to hold most of the roads as of 21st of May 2022. 20.png TyrantrumGOD leads the charge on Shepherd, despite not being a Leader. A couple days after the launch of Survival 5, Akita was also chosen to be a world where RHN would make their roads, but talks with some people and thoughts towards if the network should stay there or not was made couple days after. Hours went by and later it went from Akita to Labrador. 20.png _Shako leads the charge on Labrador and has made the longest road of Survival 5 so far there. Out of the two worlds, Shepherd has the most progress as of 21st May 2022.

The Merge Between Projects

On January 25th 2023, Montenator, also known as Monty, talked about an idea of a merge between .Path Network Group and Road and Horse Network. Most people liked the idea and begun some planning for builds on Akita, since that were where .PNG had their roads. Couple days went by without any objections about the merge on the RHN Discord. So on January 29th 2023, it was made official that .PNG and RHN would merge into one network. With that, RHN would take over the roads on Akita and make them theirs. So, shortly after the announcement was made, TyrantrumGOD would start prepping things to document the roads and shelters from Akita and add them to the different lists. Now, RHN will build roads and shelters on 3 out of the 4 worlds that exist on Survival 5. They being Shepherd, Labrador and Akita.

Another Expansion

On April 17th 2023, Xambaka and H_Di_Chemici brought the RHN a couple shelters and a road that has been made on Corgi. People on the RHN Discord did react great towards it, but it wasn't official shelters and road by that point. After a while, on April 22nd 2023, TyrantrumGOD went through and checked if the shelters and the road would work within RHN. Around an hour passed before they were given the greenlight, and on April 22nd 2023, Corgi became a RHN world and would be lead by Xambaka and H_Di_Chemici. This means that RHN will now be on all Survival 5 worlds.

Survival 6 - The Evolution Saga

After Survival 6 was announced on the Dogcraft Discord Server, RHN began talking about if they were going to do all worlds or just one or two worlds. With the success of being on all 4 worlds during Survival 5, it was agreed upon to be on all worlds on the upcoming season. Some time after it got announced, how many worlds there were going to be was announced as well. Two worlds got announced, but no names were given. So, the workload on RHN would become less than on Survival 5. There was no further announcements about the upcoming season for quite some time, but on December 3rd 2023 a new announcement about Survival 6 came. With it came the names of the worlds, Sheltie and Retriever, and the start date of December 16th 2023. After that, the RHN began focusing on how the network would work out on Survival 6. The RHN started working mostly on Retriever due to the terrrain around spawn, and would later start progress on Sheltie. After a few roads, and Retriever's Spawn Shelter was built, TyrantrumGOD started focusing on Sheltie. Early to mid February, TyrantrumGOD finally took action and started planning on how RHN would be on Sheltie. During that time, Montenator would become the Conductor for SRN and had to step down as a RHN builder, but would still be building shelters here and there when needed. After that, locketeer stepped up and was added as a RHN builder. Termite Shelter would become their first RHN build.

The Builders

These 32 players, often locals who have their residences close to the roads, have built the RHN (as of March 17th 2024, in alphabetical order):

  • Leaders
    • _Edo, _Shako & TyrantrumGOD
  • Builders
    • Aeghu, ArchitechEagle
    • CaveCreeper1024, chriizsich
    • EddyTeach, Elednor89, expedtadam
    • FangsofAmber
    • H_Di_Chemici
    • IhopEnchiladas, ItsDaCreeper
    • Kinda_Lost
    • locketeer, LoLoBooM4k
    • Montenator
    • Paulchen007, PeakMars
    • ReddestKnight
    • Skelleton123, Slomo_1994, solo_xo, starr274, StenLLuk
    • TheLemonCrafter, thePineapple0, TigerNL
    • Wanderer_06
    • Xambaka, XPModder

What is built

The built projects consist not only of public roads, but also many bridges, signposts, more than two dozen public shelters. In Spawn City is the RHN Centre (view in map) which, alongside public stables and shelter, also has general info about the RHN, a shop selling everything needed for horse riding, a horse testing range, and more.

The RHN facilitates everything needed to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to travel by horse (and also by donkey, mule, foot or pig).

For a comprehensive overview of all roads and shelters:

Survival 4

- List of RHN Roads and Paths

- List of RHN Shelters

Survival 5

- List of RHN Roads and Paths

- List of RHN Shelters

Survival 6

- List of RHN Roads and Paths (Survival 6)

- List of RHN Shelters (Survival 6)

How to participate

The RHN is an active, ongoing project. Everyone can help with building and maintaining the network! The best way is to join the RHN Discord server. Ask any of the above players in game for an invite, or search/ask for a public link on any of the other Dogcraft related Discord servers.

Design Guidelines



RHN roads need to be both passable and comfortable for horse traffic. This means the roads are at least three blocks wide with four blocks of clearance above. Most RHN roads however are four blocks wide, five blocks high. The most common surface materials used are grass path blocks and spruce slabs. Sometimes though, especially through settlements, other local styles are used.

RHN shelter entrance.png
RHN shelter interior.png
RHN shelter interior 2.png


RHN Shelters provide the travel with a place to rest. It should be mob-safe. It needs stables to park a horse, beds, an ender chest, a public chest (players can leave food for others), a crafting table, a furnace, a lectern with a logbook for travellers to write their name and date of visiting, a small map of the local area. For recognisability, the shelter needs a lime green vane on a pole on its roof and the "RHN" banner letters, which can be acquired in the RHN Centre. Signs should be dark oak with lime green font.

Skeleton horses can be left in the stables, optionally with a saddle. They can't be owned by players; they are for public/shared use.

The claim-protected shelter should have /containtertrust all, so that everyone can use doors, beds, chests, logbook and available skeleton horses, etc. If so desired, you can protect a maintenance area from public access with the Sticky Locks plugin (/sl info).

The reference RHN shelter seen in the images can be visited in-game at Huksy, x:110, z:-840 (view in map).



Directional signage, placed at each intersection of two thoroughfares, consists of dark oak signs stacked vertically, with lime-colored text (white on older signs), placed on a lime concrete block surrounded by a dark oak plank base. Each sign provides directions to towns and bases along the route using arrows, text, and a number representing the number of kilometers (to the nearest 1/10) to the destination.

Minor roads leading to single destinations may be marked with only a single dark oak sign on a dark oak fence, but this is not officially specified.

No more than one signpost at an intersection, and no more than three stacked signs per signpost.

RHN KilometerMarkers OasisRoad.png

Kilometer markers

Kilometer markers, or "slab signs," are placed every 1/10-kilometer (100 blocks) along every RHN road and at each road's beginning and end points. They consist of a dark oak slab with a dark oak sign with white text. The four lines of text on each sign are as follows: ROAD NAME


- DISTANCE - (e.g. - 1.7 -, - 2.4 -, - begin -)


Documentation spreadsheet for Eagle Road, showing the road's coordinates set, the length algorithm, and a map.

Road Documentation

The entire RHN system is documented on maps produced regularly by _Shako and TyrantrumGOD.

Road distances are measured by _Shako and TyrantrumGOD using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in which the coordinates of each vertex (or other change of direction) in a road's geometry are entered and a Pythagorean Theorem algorithm outputs the length of each segment and the cumulative distance for all of the entered segments. Every road has its own spreadsheet.