West Station (Husky)

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West Station, the traditional name for the first SRN station on the West-Line, was the first connection on the Survival 4 Husky World for the West-Line.

West Station
Survival 4 Husky
West Station in the City of Gaia 21/05/2020
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
NetworkSurvival 4 Husky Railway Network
LineWest Line
Opened21 May 2020
Builder(s)20.png nossi_, 20.png Skelleton123
LocationX= -1704
Y= 69
Z= -465
ConnectionsMain-line connections2 Branch connections4


The station was designed mostly by 20.png nossi_ after it was decided to have the first West-Line station on the Husky world be in the city of Gaia. It was themed after a Mediterranean style of building to fit into the city. Using mostly orange terracotta and red sand(stone) blocks combined with some regular sand, diorite and dark oak trimmings gives the building form.

The station was designed to have the platform in the middle and entrances from both side. The building is in fact mirrored for both sides.


The station location wasn't that easy to pin down. As West-Line manager 20.png Skelleton123 was a bit late to the party after the new world launched, there were few options left. Completely West from spawn is a large ocean making it harder to lay track and to build a station. Going even further West would make the track too long and players had already settled down. Going shorter wouldn't give much opportunity for players to settle. In the end, as 20.png Skelleton123 was also part of the Gaia crew, it was decided to have the station within the city.

Station Facilities

Like most SRN stations, players were provided with a map of the surrounding area, crafting tables, enderchests, a map of the SRN network, some beds to shelter from phantoms, and space for 4 branch-line connections in the basement. Unlike most stations, the NTN connection was not part of the station. Next to the station was a church-style building, designed and built by 20.png DragonFire441, which housed the NTN portal and horse stables.

Branch-Line Connections

The station had space for four branch-line connections and one was utilised - a loop line that connects West Line to North Line via M-Bay, Takeshi, and Prosperity.

West-Line Husky

Line Opening Video

  • Below is footage from the opening of West Station, the opening was hosted by Skelleton123.

Background Takeshi by Edo