The Beancult

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The Beancult
Survival 4 Beagle
The Beancult Settlement
WorldSurvival 4 (Beagle)
FoundedJanuary 23 2021
Contributors20.png Cassava_

20.png Derp_Von_Troll 20.png I_am_the_gamer 20.png Immabeanie 20.png K1llerPumpkinz 20.png PresentRetro 20.png WaterPhoenix12

Unknown Player
LocationX= -524
Y= 64
Z= -2811

Not to be confused with the Antibean HQ or East Border Station on Survival 2

The Beancult was a settlement on the Survival 4 world of the Dogcraft Server.


The Beancult contained a total of eight individual's bases, as well as a shared farming area, a pvp arena, and a central nether portal. The contributors did not agree on any singular cohesive style, so the settlement featured a wide variety of building styles and palettes. The settlement fit comfortably on 4 default maps.

The inhabitants of the settlement enjoyed a peaceful and friendly environment. They were eager to help each other out, and they enjoyed creating together.


The Beancult was founded on January 23rd 2021, after the creators travelled 1000s of blocks on foot to find unclaimed land. They picked the location for the impressive mountain range, and elaborate tunnels were quickly dug throughout it. The majority of the builds were started the day the settlement was founded, and slowly worked on over the following month. The one exception to this was 20.png Derp_Von_Troll's base, which was started and promptly abandoned at an unknown time. The group worked hard on their settlement for about a month, but due to real world events it was abandoned sometime in early March 2021. However, on January 25th 2022, users 20.png Cassava_ and 20.png I_am_the_gamer logged back in out of curiosity, and decided to document the settlement and its individual bases.


  • 20.png I_am_the_gamer's base had the characters 'F' 'H' and 'III' written across the front wall in glowstone. The base was named Fort Hyde III, a tribute to two previous versions of the base (Fort Hyde and Fort Hyde II) that were built and lost on different servers the Beancult residents had explored together. It stood as a reminder of the memories the group had made, and how far they had come since they started. Fort Hyde III was unclaimed, as it was intended to serve as a place of refuge and resources for anyone who stopped by.
  • To the right of 20.png PresentRetro's base, there was a house created by an unknown player. It is uncertain when this player built the house, but it is estimated to have happened roughly as the settlement was being abandoned, if not shortly thereafter.


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