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Camp Husky
Survival 4 Husky
Camp Dogcraft.png
A view approaching the main camp house
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
Builder(s)Dogcraft Build Team
LocationX= 0
Y= 64
Z= 0

Husky was one of the two Survival 4 worlds on the Dogcraft Server. Camp Husky, located at (0, 0) was the world spawn and served as the origin point where all players started when they first joined. The build was themed as a "summer camp", a suggestion by 20.png Ironboundred, featuring a main house, mess hall, cabins, campfires and sporting areas. It could be accessed via the /warp spawn command. It bore resemblance to the other Spawn area of Survival 4, Camp Beagle, and was initially known as "Camp Dogcraft", before the implementation of the two overworld system on the 11th of April, shortly after the Survival 4 world launch.

Camp Husky

Camp Husky had a range of builds within it. A jetty where players first spawned when entering the world, giving them a view of the main camp house which contained the rules and information. The camp house was a rustic chimney-topped build with "DC" emblazoned onto the roof, nestled by surrounding trees. Heading out of the camp house across a ravine with the nether portal was a central camp area which featured a flag post.

This area split into three paths: Grand Central Station, the Mess Hall and the exit to Spawn City; access to the Cabins and "Camp Radio" (CDNN Studio) and access to the boat racing area and nearby campfire. Grand Central Station was a hilltop build, with a more rustic design featuring a heavily wooden structure, sitting just outside the fence of the camp itself. A walkway also led directly out into Spawn City, adjacent to which was a large mess hall, providing new cyberdogs with a source of food to get them started while they settled. In the other direction were the cabins, housing the Build Team and senior staff team who helped build and organise spawn, as well as a studio for the Cyberdog News Network and Events Team headquarters. The East Line of the Survival Railway Network also ran through this area, crossing the river through a bridge out of spawn. Finally, the water sports area featured a boat racing area, overlooked by a lighthouse and "Mount Modmore" containing the busts of Head Moderators and Administrators involved in organizing the release of the new world.


The build was completed in creative mode before the world launch in under a month by members of the Dogcraft Build Team, joined by Survival Railway Network personnel and the Head Moderators and Administrators. The project leader was 20.png OldManLP85 who set out a rough plan of the build initially and organised the team to carry out construction. Camp Husky was finished on the 26th of March, five days before Survival 4 would go live.

Background Takeshi by Edo