North Station (Survival 3)

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North Station (Survival 3)
2018-11-20 22.30.29.png
World Survival 3
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 3)
Line North Line
Location X=20
Builder(s) 20.png NIGHTMAREx84
Opened 14th November 2018
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 2
N° of Branch Lines 0

North Station was the first station on the North Line of the Survival 3 SRN. The line continued from it toward Shoreline Station.


North Station's design and style was heavily influenced by Viking architecture, in particular, the 'longhouses' built for communal purposes.

The mound that the station sat on was built to support the large build. As well as being one of the most imposing main platforms of any SRN station at the time, it featured an external walkway to the NTN portal on the west side.


North Station was the final of the first stations from spawn to be completed, despite it being realised in a few weeks after Sur3 was opened.

North Line

Secondary / Branch Line Connections

  • None
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