Shoreline Station

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Shoreline Station
2019-03-06 20.28.32.png
World Survival 3
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 3)
Line North Line
Location X=-8
Builder(s) 9692e815-58c1-45c0-a505-cad65c48ed89?size=20.png darparniox
Opened 9ᵗʰ January 2019
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 2
N° of Branch Lines 1

Shoreline Station was the second station of the North line of the Survival 3 SRN and followed on from North Station. Predictably, the station was situated on the shore of a large ocean, which was not bridged until the site of the third northern station, Witchwood Station.


Shoreline Station featured two platforms, both topped with large, slanted roofs. These platforms were used for SRN lines and branch lines, respectively. A large tower adorned the East side of the station housing a NTN portal and it could be used to access the roof for elytra flight.

Sandstone and wood variants were the main materials used with prismarine as an accent.


The rail line toward Shoreline Station from North Station was completed in a single day. This quick expansion left the North Line in an advanced state, and therefore other tasks were given priority over the station construction.

Nevertheless, Shoreline Station was the earliest second stop to be completed in early January 2019. Two weeks later, a branch line to Dragon Valley was built and connected to the station.

North Line

Secondary / Branch Line Connections

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