Endor Station

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Endor Station
Survival 3
WorldSurvival 3
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 3)
LineNorth Line
OpenedJuly 5, 2019
Builder(s)20.png wdrill, 20.png darparniox, 20.png Hiulgrin
LocationX= 77
Y= 59
Z= -6099
ConnectionsMain-line connections2 Branch connections0

Endor Station was the fourth station of the North line of the Survival 3 SRN and followed on from Witchwood Station.


Endor Station was located on the edge of a Jungle and Plains Biome. The building was composed of mostly white concrete and quartz, giving it a very clean, modern look. The main chamber featured the North and South bound rails as well as a connection to the NTN. The station did not have any connecting lines. Just outside the main building was an Elytra tower with bubble elevators up and down.

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Background Takeshi by Edo