Grand Central Station (Survival 2)

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Grand Central Station
Grand Central Station.png

Grand Central Station in Havana at day.

World Survival 2
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 2)
Line North Line
East Line
South Line
West Line
Location X=-1851
Builder(s) b9540394-45da-4064-89c2-28d636a4230b?size=20.png _edo
Opened September 2017
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 4
N° of Branch Lines 0

Grand Central Station (GCS) was the central station for the Survival Railway Network (SRN) in the Survival 2 world. It was located in the City of Havana.


The station was the second to be created in Survival 2, after the Spawn Station, which was constructed together with spawn before the launch. It is the only station giving direct access to the 4 cardinal railway lines on the server. The station was designed and built by _edo within the first two weeks after launch.

Network Links

🢂 All trains terminate here. Change here for all main cardinal Lines.


Grand Central Station had multiple purposes for the travelers who passed through it. Most importantly, it connected the 4 major railway lines on the network; North Line, East Line, South Line and West Line. Additionally, the Nether portal located in GCS gave access to the NTN Hub for Survival 2. The Nether Transport Network was accessible from there.

The station, like all other SRN stations on the world, had a map of its surrounding area; the City of Havana, as well as a map showing its wider surroundings. Horse stables underneath the station provided players with skeleton horses to travel from the station. Players could also place their own horses in the stables for safe keeping while travelling by rail to another location in the world. The station also featured a large tower, accessible by a minecart elevator, for those who prefer travelling by Elytra.


  • The station included a fake End Portal, representing its goal to connect the entire server. A transport network in the End has thusfar not seemed feasible, however a similar design concept for an end portal like this can be found in the Spawn of Survival 3, which is a working one.
  • The station had a large buffer for minecarts, with a complicated redstone system, featuring a capacity of 2000 minecarts.
  • Grand Central Station sold copies of the Cyberdog Newsletter for travelers.
  • The large tower of the station was one of the stops during the Elytra Race held at the official opening of Akkara.
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