Cool Cove Station

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Cool Cove Station
Survival 3
Cool Cove (2).png
A view of Cool Cove station, with the track approaching around the cove.
WorldSurvival 3
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 3)
LineEast Line
Opened13th April, 2019
Builder(s)20.png NIGHTMAREx84
20.png William278
LocationX= 4812
Y= 68
Z= -30
ConnectionsMain-line connections2 Branch connections4

Cool Cove Station was a major station along the East Line of the Survival Railway Network on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server. Serving six destinations, Cool Cove was a major transport hub on the server and held the record of most railway connections to a single station in the history of the network, beating Tundra Station on Survival 2 with just five. The station featured a clock tower with elytra takeoff platforms and a Nether Transport Network connection.


The station was built by 20.png NIGHTMAREx84 with assistance from Line Manager 20.png William278 in time for Ouranos Day on the 13th of April, 2019. The station featured a large clock tower design with two terminals; one serving Tidal Station and the other serving Meadows Station. A third terminal with two floors served four branch lines (though Ragecorp was accessible only via a stairway further down) as well as an access nether portal to the NTN. A SRN+NTN map was also hung there, as well as a map of the station surroundings. The clock tower itself could be accessed via ladder and featured a crafting station, phantom shelter, and at the top was an elytra take-off point.

East Line (Survival 3)
TIcon SRN TRK NS.png
TIcon SRB ITC NS.png
TIcon Blank.png
Cagean Isles
TIcon SRN TRK NS.png
TIcon SRB TRK NS.png
TIcon SRB STN S.png
Rainbow Hills
TIcon SRN TRK NS.png
TIcon SRB ITC NS.png
TIcon Blank.png
Liamaar Station
TIcon SRN TRK NS.png
TIcon SRB ITC N.png
TIcon Blank.png
Wonderland Station


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