Tundra Station

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Tundra Station
Survival 2
N2 E1.png
A view of the station from behind, showing its three secondary line terminals.
WorldSurvival 2
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 2)
LineNorth Line
Opened19th January 2018
Builder(s)20.png William278
LocationX= -1416
Y= 69
Z= 1283
ConnectionsMain-line connections2 Branch connections3

Tundra Station was the second station on the north line of the Survival 2 SRN and NTN. The north line continued to Greenfield Station from here, in addition to three secondary lines departing to Wanigoora, Akkara, and the Wolframian Towns. This meant that it supported the most connections of any SRN Station.


Tundra was built primarily out of spruce wood and stone variants. The minecart dispenser system was built to standard SRN specifications. On the NTN, Tundra was represented with the color white.


Tundra Station was planned in late September 2017, although rail work to reach the station was not completed until November of the same year. The station was not named until that time, and was often referred as North Station, although being the second station rather than the first on the north line. The station was unique in that a secondary line connecting to it was built before the station itself - leading to the builder of that line,20.png William278, being offered the job of its construction.

In the months following its completion in January 2018, Tundra Station received unseen demand for secondary connections, stretching its design and space to its limits. At one point, the station serviced an incredible eight stations between its north line and secondary network connections (this was later reduced to seven, with Nitwit Station and the NRL shifting its connection to Northwest Station).

For all these points, Tundra Station was one of the most discussed and well known stations outside of the two Spawn and Grand Central Stations in SRN history.

North Line (Survival 2)
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