Bastion Glace Station

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Bastion Glace Station
Bastion Glace.png
World Survival 3
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 3)
Line West Line
Location X=-4422
Builder(s) 20.png Skelleton123
Opened 14st July, 2019
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 2
N° of Branch Lines 1 (Snowfields Ski Resort)

Bastion Glace (/bastjɔ̃ ɡlase/) is French for Ice Castle or Frosted Fortress. It was the 4th station on the SRN West Line for the Survival 3 world. The station was based at the edge of an ice-plain biome and designed to look like a fortress.


The station was inspired by a fortress design. There were towers on each corner, each with there specific purpose, a horse stable, gate and of course a big platform for the SRN lines. The station also provided 3 possible connections for Branch Lines.

The block pallet was chosen to represent a weather affected fortress build. Inspired by Ren's dojo roof on the Hermitcraft series, the choice was made to top off the roofs with red nether bricks.


The station's location was planned shortly after its predecessor Balaton was opened up. Thinking it might take a couple of weeks or months to complete, the path towards it and the location itself where marked by stone and red concrete powder pillars.

Skelleton123 had planned on building the line and station over the summer. However, the line and station were designed and constructed during the second part of June 2019 and the first 2 weeks of July 2019 taking up a construction time of approximately 1 month.

Station Facilities

Like any other SRN Station, Bastion Glace offered 2 platforms for the SRN line, a map of the surrounding area, enderchest, crafting tables, and a NTN portal. The North Western tower housed a Phantom Shelter and under the maproom there was a small horse stable. Furthermore, the station offered up to 3 connections for Branch Lines.

West Line