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Snowfields Ski Resort

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Snowfields Ski Resort
Survival 3
2019-08-26 20.10.24.png
View from the south
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png expedtadam
Contributors20.png TobiasLe1st
LocationX= -3570
Y= 64
Z= -620

Snowfields Ski Resort was a town-like project built north of the west Survival Railway Network line on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft server. It was designed be an ornamental Ski Resort, based largely on Mount Buller in Victoria, Australia. Inspiration for the project came when expedtadam's friend Rbits0 went on a ski trip.


The primary feature of Snowfields was the main ice-boat slope. It was built with over 1500 blocks of packed ice, all farmed sustainable at a facility to the north of Relleka Station. Ice boats could be taken down the slope, all the way into the town center.

The Ice-Boat Slope

On the western side of town sat a castle, by far the biggest building in Snowfields.

Other builds included:

  • A hotel
  • A ski gear store
  • A souvenirs store, also a map room
  • A train station
  • A snow-boats club
  • A general store
  • A chairlift
The Town Center



The resort was connected to the Survival Railway network with a branch line to Bastion Glace. Going north was the branch line to Wolfhaven (20.png ddameions base). In addition, it was the western terminus of the Balaton Tramway (non-SRN) which leads to Balaton Station. All these connections were positioned in the Train Station building on the west side of the town center

The Train Station


A side tunnel out of the west Nether Transport Network was built. The nether portal was in a building near the town center, adjacent to the ice-boat slope


  • The roof of the train station was built by TobiasLe1st, making it the only structure with involvement from someone other than expedtadam.
  • The project was initially supposed to be expedtadam’s new mega base, but it turned out very different
  • All of the terrain was completely terraformed. If one looked around, they might find entrances to a basement with the natural terrain.
    The Hotel Lounge
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