Cyberdog Safaris

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Cyberdog Safaris
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TypeRecurring, ±2-4 hours
DateVarious; see below
Activitiesexploration, survival
Organizers20.png _edo
Attendance6 - 14 players
WorldVarious; including non-Dogcraft

Cyberdog Safaris (and Camping Trips) are events in which a bunch of Cyberdogs go on a Survival trip; exploring a minecraft world starting with an empty inventory. On the server, they are called a Camping Trip; on another Minecraft server, they are called a Safari.

During Camping Trip #2, Febr. 10th, 2018


  • Start with nothing. No gear, no inventory.
  • Keep moving. Take along only stuff you can carry.
  • No teleporting. Except…
  • When you die, don’t pick up the items you lost, so don’t use /back. Instead, /tpa to another camping trip member and start with an empty inventory again.
  • At the end of the trip, leave all your acquired stuff at the end location.
Traveling with dogs during camping trip #1, Jan. 27th, 2018


The trips are intended to have an as fresh as possible newbie, vanilla experience. When playing on a building-focused server as it is sometimes refreshing to drop everything and play the game as if you're starting all over again - and it's fun to do it together, with a bunch of other cyberdogs. A trip usually lasts for a couple of hours. While traveling, the group often sets up makeshift camps, to survive the night, sleep, regroup, acquire some food or do a bit of mining. Signs are often placed at such locations, to inform any possible future traveler. At the end of the trip it has become common place to make a modest cabin or house. The travelers leave their acquired belongings there and mark the built with some signs (trip number, date, participants, etc). After the trip the event is usually documented with a forum or discord post, including pictures.

Although most trips so far have been initiated by _edo, anyone can do such trips. They can be planned in advance or just done in an ad-hoc fashion.

Final camp of trip #3 on, Febr. 25th, 2018

Past trips

  • #1 January 27th, 2018, a Camping Trip on Survival 2 world
  • #2 February 10th, 2018, a Camping Trip on Survival 2 world
  • #3 February 25th, 2018, a Safari to
  • #4 February 28th, 2018, a Safari to
  • #5 January 17th, 2019, a Camping Trip on Survival 3 world
  • #6 March 24th - April 4th, 2020, a Safari to Iskall's 2020 Server
  • #7 August 14th, 2021, a Camping Trip on Survival 4 Husky world

Past Trips & Safaris

No. Date Type Destination
#1 January 27th, 2018 Camping Trip Survival 2
Trip members: zap_plays, marbou9, FastShift078, Gumby1, heatjr, Aeghu and _edo.
#2 February 10th, 2018 Camping Trip Survival 2
Camping Trip #2 was such fun! We were with a substantially bigger group than the first trip. In random order: Quasi_1987, SummerFlower123, dragnrider70, Brianetta, heatjr, badlittlepig, AtollaBell, cutekitten43, ramokhan, Tinker_Bob, _edo, Aeghu, _gewoon_iemand_, ectobeast (and zap_plays, didn't I see you running along too at some point?  :P ).
#3 February 25th, 2018 Safari
We visited another server and did something similar to two previous camping trips that we did on dogcraft's survival 2 world. With this safari we went to an anarchy server ( where there's no moderating, griefing is allowed, pvp is on. It gives a very rough, vanilla experience. The spawn area looks something like this:

The partaking cyberdogs: badlittlepig, dragonranger35, marbou9, quasi1987, _gewoon_iemand_, Aeghu, Brianetta, CuteKitten43, Gumby1, OPwrecker, ramokhan, Skelleton123, zap_plays, _edo.

Our goal was to survive, get away from spawn and set up a base somewhere relatively safe.
#4 February 28th, 2018 Safari
Yet another safari. This time an adhoc visit to, the second oldest minecraft server. It's an anarchy server with no rules, no moderating, lots of pvp and griefing. Also, the world hasn't been reset since 2010. It's known as the world's worst minecraft server. This is what spawn looks like: Participants: darparniox, Quasi1987, Dinosaur_Rider, zap_plays, skelleton123, _edo.
#5 January 17th, 2019 Camping Trip Survival 3
Impromptu camping trip with: AcroBoyGaming, Bricky_Stix22, minelikecrazy10, OPwrecker, TBNRGalaxy1, _edo
#6 March 24th - April 4th, 2020 Safari Iskallia
Main Article: Iskallia Safari (March 2020)