Newspruce Village

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Newspruce Village
World Survival 3
Builder(s) 20.png expedtadam
Founded April 2019
Dimension Overworld
Status Defunct
Railway Balaton tramway to Snowfields Ski Resort

Newspruce Village was the home of 20.png expedtadam on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server, built just north of the SRN west line between Balaton station and Bastion Glace station.


The base was founded in April 2019 by 20.png expedtadam the day he joined. The location was found after he walked out of a NTN portal on the West NTN Line. Initially it was a dirt hut, but eventually it evolved into a little spruce village. Quickly, 20.png expedtadam started building a railway towards spawn, following his past actions in private Pocket Edition realms.

Over time the base grew to become one of the larger bases in the area and served as the hub of 20.png expedtadam’s projects, Heathmont and the Snowfields Ski Resort. In August, about 100 blocks away from his base, 20.png expedtadam saw multiple towers on the skyline. It turned out this was the base of 20.png EmaEmason, who didn’t notice the easily visible player-base, private railway, and Heathmont, each only a few chunks away.

However, 20.png expedtadam decided that even though 20.png EmaEmason had built close to him without permission, he decided to let her stay because her base looked quite good, and built a path linking the two bases.

When the 1.14 update hit the server in September, Newspruce Village saw it's first major expansions in a long while: an iron farm and a villager hall. 20.png expedtadam was weary about building villager related structures before the Minecraft Village and Pillage update.


  • A storage center
  • A super smelter
  • An enchanting room
  • An automatic sugar cane farm
  • A nether portal shelter
  • A train station
  • A tree farm
  • A building which serves as the mine entrance
  • An Iron farm
  • An automatic pumpkin farm
  • An automatic melon and pumpkin farm
  • A villager hall



The base was connected by the Balaton Tramway to Snowfields Ski Resort to the north and Heathmont to the east, which went onwards to Balaton Station.

Additionally, there was a short track which lead south to the west SRN line.


The nether portal was unsynced, however nearby 20.png EmaEmason's nether portal was functional.