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The eastern end of the town

World Survival 3
Mayor(s) 20.png expedtadam
Location X=3260
Status Inactive
Railway Tramway to Balaton Station
Nether Nether Transport Network

Heathmont was a town on the Survival 3 world built by expedtadam. It was built to be a quaint country town, taking influence from European walled settlements. The name comes from Heathmont, Victoria. Construction started in April 2019, but interiors were never fleshed out before the close of Survival 3.


Heathmont's defining feature was the wall built around the edge of town made out of terracotta, stone bricks, and redstone lamps.

There was also a wheat field north of the town, inspired by medieval European village's common land. The field contained a large silo, trees, and paths.

There were many small houses inside the walls, built out of a combination of terracotta and stripped logs. This build palate was originally chosen out of scarcity, but was kept due to its aesthetically pleasing nature.

Town Square

A square with a fountain was located on the west side of town. Next to the square was the town-hall building made out of birch. The town hall featured a dome which was of interest to many visitors.



There was a train station near the center of town with connections to the Balaton tramway. Through that railway, it was connected to Balaton station, part of the west line of the Survival Railway Network.


There was a nether portal linked to the NTN


  • Heathmont shares absolutely no connections with its namesake in Victoria, Australia.
  • The railway was built to the location of the town before construction actually began.
  • The town was completely built on artificial, custom terraformed terrain.
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