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Survival, Dogcraft's flagship mode has been continuously available since launch. It is currently on its fifth server, which started on 2022 March 18th. Survival 5 marked the server's update to Minecraft 1.18: Caves & Cliff II, and brought with it revamp to the server's economy system.

Like Survival 4 before it, the Survival 5 server is also split into multiple interlinked worlds; Akita, Corgi, Labrador and Shepherd, between which inventory and enderchest data is shared, but each with unique seeds. The /akita, /corgi, /labrador and /shepherd commands can be used for switching worlds directly, without the extra step of the /worlds GUI. Players can also teleport to each other and to their own homes between worlds. However, all 4 are interconnected, so nobody has to choose a single world to play on.
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