Survival Railway Network (Survival 5)

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Survival Railway Network (Survival 5)
Survival 5
GCS Shepherd.png
Grand Central Station on Shepherd
TypeTransportation Project
World(s)Survival 5
Leader(s)20.png expedtadam - Shepherd North
ContributorsLine Managers:

20.png Skelleton123 - Shepherd West
20.png Slomo_1994 - Shepherd East
20.png darparniox - Akita North
20.png eybwam - Akita East
20.png Montenator - Akita South

20.png Ze_Tais - Akita West

This is about the network on Survival 5. For the wider organisation, click here.

The Survival 5 Railway Network is a project on the Shepherd and Akita worlds of the Dogcraft Server. The SRN's goal is to provide a high quality rail transport network to help player get around the server. This is the fifth iteration of the server that the organisation has been present in, after previously seeing lots of success in the previous four iterations of the server.


The fifth iteration of the SRN is present on two of the four worlds, with Labrador and Corgi currently not seeing active rail development by the SRN team. This decision was made to maintain the SRN's leading idea of 'quality over quantity' with the fear of having more sub-par station builds and the risk of burnout had the network expanded to accommodate all four of the new worlds. However, Grand Central Stations have been pre-built in all four spawn areas, with the SRN team open to potentially expanding operations to all four worlds in the future, if they see it fit. In the meantime, the Community Rail Network (CRN) has been established to serve both Labrador and Corgi worlds.

In addition to the SRN, the Nether Transport Network has also returned for the new world, and will again run alongside the SRN with portals at all main line stations. The SRN team are also hoping to further integrate with the other newer transport networks that were started in Survival 4, that being the Road and Horse Network and the Connected Seas Coalition, with the hope of providing even more variety in transport options and easy transitions between them.


The Survival 5 HQ will be located on Shepherds Spawn island, just outside the pre-built spawn area. Currently the HQ building has not been built, but the resource basement has been. There is also a resource donation point at the site of the HQ, allowing players to donate materials to the network during the early game.


The management of the SRN would only see minor changes in the transition from Survival 4 to Survival 5, with the three line managers on Husky transitioning over to Shepherd, and the three line managers on Beagle transitioning over to Akita. The structure on Shepherd would remain the same, with conductor 20.png expedtadam working on the North Line, 20.png Skelleton123 working on the West Line, and 20.png Slomo_1994 working on the East Line. The former Beagle team would see some minor changes going into Akita. 20.png eybwam would move from the West Line to the East Line and 20.png darparniox would return to managing a single line, that being the North Line. Lastly, 20.png Montenator would keep his position working on the South Line. The two vacant lines would be overseen by all the line managers as a collective, with station builds generally being offered to helpers through the SRN Discord.

Spawn Build

Shepherd's GCS

The SRN team would again be invited to build Grand Central Station in the pre-built spawn areas of each world. The Shepherd GCS would take heavy inspiration from Rotterdam Centraal Station in the Netherlands. The design was primarily done by Skelleton123 but the other line mangers helped out with track building and interior design as well.

Akita's GCS.

Akita's Grand Central Station would be built in a similar theme to the rest of the spawn area, that being a gold rush theme. The station was located on a small peninsula of the main spawn island, with its longer slender design stretching along the length of it. This station was primarily built by Skelleton123.

Both Shepherd and Akita GCS' were built under the assumption there would only be two worlds for Survival 5, however when it was announced to the build team there would be four worlds, the SRN Team decided to make the decision to not operate on the newer worlds, with the workload just being unrealistic to maintain. As previously mentioned the line managers did agree to build spawn stations at Labrador and Corgi's spawns, keeping doors open for potential future use.

Labrador's GCS would be in-keeping with the sci-fi space base style of the spawn area, and would again be the work of Skelleton123. Corgi's GCS was a joint effort between Skelleton123 and Slomo_1994, taking the form of a large tent that might be found in a dig site.

Starting Out

This time around, the SRN team were more than ready to take on two worlds, now having a team of 6 line managers as well as an active group of helpers. Each line manager quickly got to work finding an area for the first station on their respective line, and starting to map out a path for tracks to go running from the spawns to these stations. The two vacant lines were also swiftly delegated to other members of the community, with 20.png Ze_Tais offering to build the first West Station on Akita, which was also located in the same area as the ever growing player built shopping district called MOTTO. Former line manager 20.png Aeghu would volunteer to build Shepherd South Station meaning all the initial station now had a builder working on them. While scouting out an area for the first East Station on Akita, eybwam noticed 20.png MattKi01 was building his base in an area ideal for the first East Station. So the idea was floated to have the first East Station at his base, to which MattKi01 agreed, and would shortly thereafter begin work on it.

Both Shepherd and Akita spawns were located on mushroom islands surrounded by ocean, meaning either tunnels or viaducts would need to be built to connect the spawn areas with the rest of the world. After previously constructed underwater tunnels to connect the Survival 3 Spawn Basin with the rest of the world, the SRN Team decided to build viaducts to cross the ocean in Survival 5. Some viaducts were build individually, such as the Akita South Viaduct and the Shepherd East viaduct, however others were built in large build sessions which were great in getting the community involved with the network. These viaducts were the Akita North Viaduct, the Akita West Viaduct and the Shepherd North Viaduct. As April drew to a close, Ze_Tais would finish building the first Akita West Station, now known as MOTTO Station. Akita South Station would be completed by Montenator a few days later and they would both open in a joint opening on the 24th of April 2022.

A New Rail Group

After seeing the absence of rail networks on both Labrador and Corgi, the server [HeadMod]'s contacted 20.png N1cM4tth3w63 asking if he would be interested in leading a rail group which would cover both Labrador and Corgi. After some initial miscommunications and misunderstandings between parties the new rail group known as The Other Rail Network (now known as the Community Rail Network), would begin operations on both worlds, with SRN Line Managers serving a kind of consultant role if needed, and hope to work with the network in the future.

Meanwhile on the SRN side of things Skelleton123 would open Shepherd West Station on the 12th of May 2022, after hosting a build session to finish the track to the station earlier that same day. The station would also serve as a large RHN rest stop, for the ever growing amount of roads in the area, being spearheaded by 20.png TyrantrumGOD and 20.png _Shako. June would see more solid progress on other stations. With darparniox designing a build for Akita North Station, and starting to transfer it into survival. MattKi01 would finish constructing the bulk of Akita East Station, now known as Emberperch Station, and begin expanding the line westwards to met the line at spawn. Aeghu would also make considerable progress on Shepherd South Station, finishing the bulk of the exterior as well as designing a viaduct to cross the ocean towards spawn.

May would also see the first edition of The Minecart Gazette released. This was a project spearheaded by Skelleton123, and would become a monthly newsletter where Line managers and NTN Managers would provide a progress update of their respective lines/worlds. Allowing an easy way for the community to stay up to date with the progress of the SRN and NTN. The Gazette is published every month in the announcements channel of the SRN/NTN Discord, and is also available as a written book in game that can be purchased at the SRN HQ for the price of one iron ingot per issue.

The month of July would see Slomo_1994 open Shepherd East Station on the 10th. Later on that month 20.png misterblue28 announced the return of the SRN Network Maps. A build session took place on the 16th of July 2022, to flatten a snow biome to make way for the maps on Shepherd and Akita. This time around the record was smashed again, with both areas being cleared out in just under 4 hours. misterblue28 would add the current stations onto the maps and send them out to Line Managers later that month. July would also see Slomo_1994 start transferring the design for the second east station on Shepherd into survival. This is known as Kirwick Station, and will eventually be the site of Slomo_1994's main base. From there negotiations with both Caelon and Leon have taken place, with Leon set to have the third station on the Shepherd East Line, and Caelon to have a station on the Shepherd Ring Line. Skelleton123 would also begin constructing the second Shepherd West station this month. Montenator would post the site of the second west station on Akita up for the taking on the SRN discord, with MattKi01 agreeing to build it after Emberperch Station is opened.

The Network Grows

August would see Montenator open the second and third stations on the Akita South Line, those being Electric Grove Station, built by 20.png NeoFiore, and Moor Station, built by Montenator. Moor Station also serves the town of Flowercliffe, which is located just west of the station. expedtadam would also scout out a location for the second Shepherd North Station and put it up for grabs on the SRN Discord. September would start to see many more stations completed. North Station on Akita would be the first to open this month, with Kirwick Station, the second station of the Shepherd East Line opening up shortly there after. MattKi01 would also finally finish Emberperch Station this month, and would open it alongside eybwam. expedtadam would start work on a design for Shepherd North Station, slowly building it up over the next month and opening it in mid-October. Montenator would also open the fourth station on the Akita South Line, Vista Station, at the start of the month.

The line managers started to set their sights on completing the second stations on each line, to try and get the Ring Line project up and running. Several of these stations started construction, with 20.png DragonFire441 completing Caelon Station, serving the City of Caelon and 20.png Luuna85 completing the station at the Marsh Mechanics Akita outpost, The Fire Forge. darparniox would host a line building session on the Akita North Line, where the line was built up to the site of the second north line station, Donkey Station, which was being built by 20.png misterblue28. eybwam would also finish a design for the Akita East Lines second station, Reservoir Station, and start building that in survival. Skelleton123 would also continue work on Shepherd West 2, now known as Temple Station, with the upper portion of the station being largely completed and the line marked out between it and Shepherd West Station.

December rolled around, and Montenator would host a build session for the line between Vista Station and the fifth station on the Akita South Line, Burrow Station. The station itself would open up several days after the build session, on the day the server updated to 1.19. Ze_Tais would reach out to the Line Managers this month, being interested to build the third station on the Akita West Line. The Line Managers were keen on this idea, and also asked if Ze_Tais would be interested in finishing Shepherd South Station, since its designer Aeghu had since become inactive on the server. Ze_Tais accepted, and would get to work on the station and line, hosting a build session on Christmas Eve with Montenator which saw a large part of the viaduct completed. Slomo_1994 would begin work building the third station on the Shepherd East Line, that being Two Lakes Station. This station was located within the greater Leon territory, and would be the final stop on the line before reaching Leon Central Station in the City itself. Alongside building the station, Slomo_1994 would create extensive lore for the entire Shepherd East Line.

Entering 2023

Impressed by Ze_Tais's previous work on the SRN in Survival 4 and 5 and well as his enthusiasm for the project, the Line Manager reached out asking if Ze_Tais would be interested in becoming a line manager, Ze_Tais would accept, taking over leadership of the Akita West Line. Ze_Tais would also plan to finish Shepherd South Station prior to moving on to designing Akita West 3.



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