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Survival 5
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TypeTrade Organization
World(s)Survival 5

The MOTTO (Mob or Thing Trade Organization) is a trading organization led by 20.png StenLLuk on the Survival 5 world of the Dogcraft Server


We aim to discover interesting trades and facilitate player interactions. Now operating a player-run shopping district on Akita.

While a lot of players created shops for selling game items, there are several shops which provides services. For example, chest sorting service, bounty on tasks, smelting and pet delivering services. Most shops take diamonds as payment, some also takes iron and gold ingots.

Roles Contributors

Concierges help with shop registrations at the MOTTO shopping district

  • 20.png Philip98999
  • 20.png StenLLuk

Marketer created the MOTTO shopping catalog and advocated for it

  • 20.png Firelenze

Cartographer made an excel map including plot numbers and keep it up-to-date

  • 20.png Qeais

Entrepreneurs build and operate shops in MOTTO shopping district, provide items and services

More than

120 players


MOTTO started operating on the 2nd week of Survival 5, drew players who like trading and exchanging game items.

MOTTO discord reached 100 members at 13th Apr, 2022, in less than a month after the start date of Survival 5. The group has 163 members to date. (6/16/22)


MOTTO shopping district progress as at 25th Mar, 2022


  • MOTTO had been named MTO - Mob Trade Organization before server announced that Survival 5 economy would be suspended until further notice.[1]
  • MOTTO is mall too if you say it fast enough.
  • That's the motto, mhm.
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