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Labrador Spawn
Survival 5 Labrador
Lab spawn 1.png
A view of the spawn!
WorldSurvival 5 (Labrador)
Builder(s)Dogcraft Creative Team
LocationX= 5
Y= 85
Z= -120

Labrador was one of the 4 spawns on Dogcraft Survival 5 among Shepherd, Akita, and Corgi, and was the biggest pre-built spawn with the theme of "Space" constructed by the Dogcraft Creative Team (DCT). This spawns contained various-large scaled builds, such as, Spawn building, a grand Nether Transport Network (NTN) A Community Rail Network (CRN) grand central station, dogcraft elytra airport, end portal zone; as well as decorative builds such as the rest zone, agricultural cultivation, medical center, laboratory, green house, storage facilities, tons of trucks and rockets, a rover donut school, and algae production facility.


As already mentioned, there were tons of pre-built structures. You would spawn in the spawn building, where you could read the rules, and as you came out, you could take two directions and explore the different aspects going on around the spawn by either taking tunnels, flying around the mysterious looking rock above the big mountain and check all the little details, cliffs, trees and decorations around the area!


The spawn had a different theme than the other spawns, and it was unique and different for a lot of the builders, which made them try the theme and experiment more leading for it to be one of the biggest spawns this survival. It was the 3rd spawn to be completed on the 27th of February - a day before Corgi's.


The build was completed in creative mode before the world launch within a week by members of the Dogcraft Creative Team (former Build team & Events team). The project leader was  20.png SummerFlower1234 among the team managers, 20.png Nomiium, 20.png RY44, and 20.png TigerNL. Labrador spawn was finished on the 27th of February, 19 days before the launch of Survival 5.

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