The Chimera States

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The Chimera States
Survival 5 Shepherd
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Flag of The Chimera States
WorldSurvival 5 (Shepherd)

The Chimera States is a settlement on the Survival 5 world of the Dogcraft Server.


The Chimera States are a collection of Cities on the Northern shores of the Shepherd Spawn Sea. Currently it is made up of 4 City-States, 1 Capital City, and 1 Lost City. Each city has different build style, local governance, and lore, but together they form an amalgamation of one central power that functions to provide the cities with basic infrastructure and a presence on the larger server.


Chimera Senate

Each City-State earns a senator seat in the Chimera Senate. How these seats are filled are up to the people of the respected city-state, but it is recommended that they are elected into the position. The Senates duties are to represent the city-states and make decisions for the national level.

Chimeran City Designations

Cities that join Chimera or were apart of the Chimera states are given statuses, each status provides the city a level of protection or rights in the larger nation. These classifications are as following.


City-States are active cities that have current residences. These cities get full rights in the national government. These rights included a Senate Seat and 100% connections to contemporary infrastructure projects.


Capital/Governance is a term given to the cities that are used for Chimeran Federal Usage. These could be cities that act as the straight up as a capital or behave as a base of operations.

Lost City

Lost Cities are no longer active cities. They no longer have residences and this results in the area losing their Senator Seat. However, this is not the end for these cities. The area remains in relative Chimeran territory, road systems maybe brought to these locations, and the area maybe preserved. Lost Cities can back their city-state status if someone choices to reclaim the territory.

Chimeran Cities

Aiur Betula (City-State)

Senator: 20.png DragnRider70

Alesford (City-State)

Senator: 20.png UnspeakableAl

Chimera (Capital)


Cookie Jar Fields (City-State)

Senator: 20.png KookieMomster

Cuivre Heights (City-State)

Senator: 20.png PyrosFir3

Torii (Lost City)



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