New Years 2022

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New Years 2022
Survival 5
OrganizersThe City of Leon and the Dogcraft Creative Team
WorldSurvival 5

"Let's put on a show." 20.png eybwam

New Years 2022 was an event on the Dogcraft Server that took place on the 31st of December 2022, held three times at different time zones, to mark the passage of the new year from 2022 to 2023. In partnership with the Dogcraft Creative Team, the City of Leon hosted the event and was accessible via the /phome Leon warp.

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The Event


Venue map for the Event

Players were invited to head to the City of Leon. Here, they were spawned into a room in the Warp House. Behind them was an overview map of the City. A labyrinthine cityscape awaited them. Fortunately, they were greeted by a banner and arrow leading them outside towards the venue as they step out of the room.

The 100-block long fireworks contraption was situated in the middle of a river, providing excellent 360-degree views. On one side of the river was the traditional European-styled neighbourhood of the city. Across from it was the vertical and more modern island district of Saint-Pierre. The "2023" sign was placed on a footbridge that connected both riverbanks. A clock tower stood on the north side while the actual redstone-powered countdown clock used for the show was constructed into 2 Northold Tower, one of the skyscrapers.

An area for people to submit their New Year's resolutions was located adjacent to the clock tower. A list of contributors can also be found inside the hall. Previously empty, the Thalia Gallery, an amphitheater, was chosen to be the new "board" where the resolutions would appear. As people submitted their favourite wool colour in the books they wrote their resolutions in, a wool block of the same colour would be placed on its steps. The messages were then posted onto the wool. Then a random mob head was placed on top of it. Collectively, they formed individual "audience members" of the Gallery.

Event Builders
20.png eybwam 20.png strawberrysham 20.png zacattack2097 20.png SummerFlower1234 20.png EtaThetaZeta
20.png EddyTeach 20.png Mika_Panda 20.png TigerNL 20.png Ze_Tais 20.png Slomo_1994
20.png Montenator 20.png Valeritas 20.png Kar204 20.png AdamB4255 20.png AwesomeTom21
20.png Elednor89 20.png Ewan1011 20.png FangsofAmber 20.png StenLluk 20.png JVKermit
20.png Danielsama007 20.png Princess223 Donators and Suppliers


Pyro Musical


A pyro musical show, or a firework display choreographed to music, lasting 15-minutes long was held at three separate times, namely: 13:00 GMT (0:00 ACT, Australia), 00:00 GMT (0:00 GMT, United Kingdom), and 06:00 GMT (0:00 CT, US). Designed by 20.png eybwam, the pyrotechnic aspect of the show cumulatively involved over 900 stacks of fireworks shot from 320 out of 367 dispensers. It also involved 4 distinct lightshows. A countdown clock made by 20.png EtaThetaZeta was wired to the main contraption.


The soundtrack included voice snippets of New Year's greetings from the public as well as from 20.png Renthedog himself, in whatever language they wanted. The songs used for the show was publicly-sourced and shortlisted by eybwam. It was later edited by 20.png Txp_. The final soundtrack contained the following songs, in order:

Song Artist/s
Did I Make You Wait - Instrumental Version Staffan Carl茅n
The Less I know The Better Tame Impala
Geronimo Sheppard
Raise Your Glass P!nk
Hum Nashe Mein Toh Nahim (From "Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2") Pritam, Arijit Signh, Tulsi Kumar
Lavender Haze Taylor Swift
De Diepte S10
Tiroteo - Remix Marc Segui, Rauw Alejandro, Pol Granch
Way Back Home SHAUN
Blinding Lights The Weeknd
194 L盲nder Mark Forster
Love Me Now Ofenbach, FAST BOY
Runaway (U&I) Galantis
Auld Lang Syne Royal Scots Dragoon Guards



1. Fireworks Watching

On the stroke of midnight, players were invited to join a voice channel on Discord, and listen in as the sky came to life to a custom soundtrack along with the fireworks display synced to that same soundtrack.

2. Merch Shopping

A designated area for merchandise stalls were designed at Leon. However, signs directed players to purchase them at the mall instead due to plugin constraints. The mementos prepared included:

- A yellow and purple blanket (carpet)

- Three Specialized Firework Rockets, namely: Happy New Year! 2022/2023, City of Leon, and Purple Power.

- Four top Leon NYE banners and one bottom Leon NYE banner.

3. Resolutions Submissions

Players were encouraged to share their resolutions for the year ahead.



  • A rerun of the display was announced privately in the Leon Discord as a special coverage for the CDNN.
  • The soundtrack was intended to represent Dogcraft's diversity. Originally meant to feature 10 languages, it was cut down to 6 due to time and stylistic reasons.
  • The song Lavender Haze by Taylor Swift had to be reedited posthaste due to one non-PG word slipping away unnoticed. This brought the soundtrack's final number of versions to 4.
  • Inspired by 20.png eybwam's childhood memories of the Nagaoka Fireworks Festival in Japan, the idea of hosting a riverine pyro musical in Minecraft was already in the works years prior to Survival 5.

Background SRN Opening by Montenator