Puppy Park

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Puppy Park
Survival 5
Puppy Park Logo 2.png
Your Theme Park on Corgi!
TypeMini Game Area
World(s)Survival 5
Leader(s)20.png H_Di_Chemici 20.png Xambaka 20.png XPModder
Contributors20.png CactusBrother 20.png Elednor89 20.png VerdyPlayz 20.png ItsDaCreeper

Puppy Park is a mini game area on the Survival 5 world of the Dogcraft Server. The park located on Corgi is open for everyone to play and build games at.


When 20.png H_Di_Chemici was finished building Templar station he wanted to move onto a new project. Having wanted to build an ice boat track since he saw the videos of Speedy Pines and seeing 20.png RenDog and 20.png Ethoslab attempt to build one on the Hermitcraft Season 9 world resulted in him making a decision to do one himself. This ice boat raceway called Puppy Park Speedway would end up being the track built with the goal to improve practical redstone skills.

When the speedway was close to completion H_Di_Chemici was thinking of making a mini game area in the surrounding empty land around the speedway. All trees were chopped, roads were laid out and plot outlines were set up where people could build games themselves. 20.png Xambaka who lives in the nearby area and was already connected up by road to the speedway was interested in helping out working on the project. He wanted to construct a port in the Park to connect up to Threebridge docks at his personal base. Having already done a few projects together in the last month H_Di_Chemici quickly gave permission for this and Xambaka became the second Park Manager.

When H_Di_Chemici brought up the idea for the mini game area in one of the discords, 20.png XPModder expressed he wanted to do this as a project in server 6. The idea had been sitting there for a while but he didn't want to start such a massive project halfway through the servers life. Eventually when H_Di_Chemici asked if more people were interested in becoming a Park Manager XPModder applied to learn how such a park is run and became the third Park Manager.

Survival 6

The parkmanagers trio ended up agreeing to do a minigame are again on survival 6, this would end up being called: Canine Kingdom. With all the things the parkmanagers learned from Puppy Park they will be building a better and bigger minigame area than the already amzing Puppy Park.

General info

Puppy Park is split into three district defined by seperate lamp posts and road design. The districts are there to easier find the way around the Park for visitors but also for the Park Managers to talk about potential changes and additions. The Park managers are not confined to a district and have duties all around the park. Starting in June 2023 every month an update gets made in the Cyberdogs Games discord where a map is posted with all empty plots left numbered. This will also be done in a thread in the main discord in the future.

Puppy Park also has an office in the disctrict with the blue lamps. This is office is the location to drop off a copy of your rulebook, for safekeeping, incase of accidents. When you flush yourself in the toilet you will enter the storage cave. This partially flooded cave is home to a storage public to all people who are building in Puppy Park.


Puppy park has its own CRN station inside of the park called Puppy Park Station that serves as the second station on the east line of the corgi subworld. The modern station is part of the blue district of the park and is located roughly in the middle of the south side. This was constructed by H_Di_Chemici after completion of the Speedway.

The Park is also connected to the RHN and showed the first and second RHN road on the corgi subworld. Hillburg road which connects the Speedway with Threebridge and Hillburg and Puppy Park road which connects to Hillburg road, but from the southern entrance.

Since May puppy park was also connected to the CSC. This was done by Xambaka and is called Port of Last Call. The port inspired by, but not a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyworld Florida and other Disney Parks shows a sandstone and jungle one story building that is completely decorated by armor stands and furniture.

How to apply

Puppy Park is always searching for new people to build original games in the Park. We always want new games so sending a game in one that is already in the park will not be permitted to be built.

1) Contact one of the Park Managers (Via Discord) with your idea that you have and in what plot you would like to build the game.

2) The Park Manager will respond to you with various feedback regarding the game play and how to improve it as a whole.

3) You can change your design however you feel like using the provided feedback and send it back to your manager.

4) When the manager approves you can go ahead and build it in survival in your plot.

5) The Park Managers will give you some more feedback during testing of the game to make sure that the quality is up to standard.

6) When your game is done and cleared by a Park Manager it can be opened to the public

List of games

Picture Name of game Amount of players Type of game Builder(s)
picture not privided yet Puppy Park Speedway 1-8 players Ice Boat Track 20.png H_Di_Chemici
Stand Catchers.png
Stand Catchers 2 or 4 players Armour stand catching 20.png VerdyPlayz
Castle Dash.png
Castle Dash 2 players 2 Player Team Oriented Parkour 20.png Xambaka with help from 20.png CactusBrothers
picture not provided yet Get to Da Choppa! 4 or more king of the hill 20.png H_Di_Chemici
Sumo 2 or more hitting players of a platform 20.png Xambaka
Target Courses The Basement.png
Target Course: The Basement 1 Target course 20.png CactusBrothers
Target Courses Warden Mountain.png
Target Course: Warden Mountain 1 Target course 20.png CactusBrothers
Partial Chaos.png
Partial Chaos minmium 2 to up 4 then 8 players PVP/survival 20.png Xambaka
picture not provided yet Target Tower minmimum 2 then 4 players Target game 20.png H_Di_Chemici
Piggy Park Raceway.png
Piggy Park Raceway 2 to 4 players Race 20.png Xambaka with help from 20.png H_Di_Chemici
Death Dive.png
Death Dive 2+ Test Your Luck 20.png Xambaka (Game)

20.png H_Di_Chemici (Build)

picture not provided yet Puppy Park PvP Arena 2+ PvP 20.png Xambaka
picture not provided yet Labyrinth 1 or 2 or teams Maze 20.png XPModder
picture not provided yet Danger Zone 2+ Survival 20.png ItsDaCreeper
picture not provided yet The Last Survivor 2+ Survival/Press Your Luck 20.png Xambaka
picture not provided yet Knockback Kickers 2 PVP 20.png H_Di_Chemici
picture not provided yet Dunktank 2 Target/Dunktank 20.png H_Di_Chemici
picture not provided yet River's Edge Mini Golf 1+ Mini Golf 20.png Xambaka20.png H_Di_Chemici20.png XPModder20.png Elednor89
picture not provided yet Crossbow Range 1 or 2 Target 20.png Elednor89
picture not provided yet Scrabble 2-4 Word Game 20.png Elednor89
picture not provided yet Basalt Spleef 2+ Spleef 20.png H_Di_Chemici
picture not provided yet Dripleaf Spleef 2+ Spleef 20.png H_Di_Chemici
picture not provided yet Boat Battle 2+ Boat Based PVP 20.png H_Di_Chemici
picture not provided yet Chicken Trains 2 Capture the Chicken 20.png XPModder
picture not provided yet Jousting Time 2 Joust 20.png H_Di_Chemici
picture not provided yet Bumper Boat Basketball 2 or teams Billiards 20.png Xambaka
picture not provided yet Shear Delight 2-4 Collect the Wool 20.png Xambaka
picture not provided yet Scrambled Eggs 2-4 Point Collection 20.png H_Di_Chemici
picture not provided yet Guess Who 2 Guess the Mod 20.png Xambaka
picture not provided yet Tic Tac Toe 2 Tic Tac Toe 20.png Elednor89
picture not provided yet Puppy Bay Mini Golf 1+ Mini Golf 20.png Xambaka20.png H_Di_Chemici20.png XPModder20.png Elednor89
picture not provided yet Corgi's Easiest Hedge Maze 1 Maze 20.png H_Di_Chemici


Picture Amenities Type Builder(s)
Puppy Park Station.png
Puppy Park Station CRN Rail Station 20.png H_Di_Chemici
Ticket Station.png
Ticket Station Unofficial Rail Station/Ticket Station 20.png Xambaka
Puppy Park RHN Shelter.png
Puppy Park Shelter RHN Shelter 20.png H_Di_Chemici
Puppy Park Port of Last Call.png
Port of Last Call CSC Port / Gift Shop 20.png Xambaka with help from

20.png H_Di_Chemici

King Scottie.png
King Scottie NTN Portal 20.png Xambaka
Puppy Park Office.png
Puppy Park Office Business Office/Storage/Rules Backup 20.png H_Di_Chemici20.png Xambaka
Puppy Park Food Vendor.png
Puppy Park Food Vendor Food Stand 20.png Xambaka
picture not provided yet Firework Display Event Display 20.png XPModder
Puppy Park Viewing Bleachers.png
Viewing Bleachers Event Viewing Area 20.png H_Di_Chemici
Puppy Park Stalls.png
Vendor Stalls Vendor Stalls 20.png Xambaka
Puppy Park Gazebo.png
Puppy Park Gazebo Gazebo (Phome) 20.png H_Di_Chemici

Puppy Park Map's

Background Dragon Slayer - Retriever by Ironboundred