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Survival 5 Worlds
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Akita Spawn
Survival 5 Akita
Akita Spawn.png
A view of the spawn!
WorldSurvival 5 (Akita)
Builder(s)Dogcraft Creative Team
LocationX= 338
Y= 69
Z= 32

Akita, which had the theme of goldrush or western style city, was one of the 4 worlds in Survival 5 on the Dogcraft Server, which was present from the first day of the launch. The spawn area featured a Grand Central Station, hotel, Nether Transport Network building, giant cave with surprises, bank, saloon, and other western features. This spawn could be accessed by using /spawn or by several transportation networks. See other spawns: Labrador, Shepherd, and Corgi!


Once you did /spawn, or had spawned in for the first time, you would have seen the hotel behind you, and the end portal room with the mega cave next to it, and the train central station on the other side of the cave entrance. To the left were the main buildings of the spawn such as, Nether portal, bank, saloon and sheriff house. Further down the path and behind the hotel, were the barn and the blacksmith there. At the end of the path were the graveyard, and harbour to the left of the hotel. This spawn was the 3rd largest out of the four spawns.


Before the retirement of 20.png OldManLP85 as a build team leader and event committee, the build team was working on Shepherd and Akita. 20.png SummerFlower1234 stepped in to fill the vacant role, and the events team were introduced to the project. Thus, Akita spawn has contribution from players as part of both former teams.


The build was completed in creative mode before the world launch two months before Survival 5. The project leader was first 20.png OldmanLP85, who created much of the layout as part of the former Build Team, and subsequently 20.png SummerFlower1234 after the merger as the Creative Team leader. Akita spawn was finished on the 16th of February, a bit over a month before the launch of Survival 5.