Throwback Tours

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Throwback Tours
TypeSRN Tour
OrganizersSRN Team
Attendance40+ players

Throwback Tours were a series of events on the Dogcraft Server hosted by the SRN, in response to the novel introduction of throwback worlds on Survival 5. The events were promoted as a way to revisit and reexperience the public rail systems of past survival worlds.

Choo Choo, rewind

After much speculation following the reuse of the Second Hub world lobby, it would not be long after another throwback world was introduced. Survival 3 was simultaneously made available with the removal of the Second Hub world lobby. Throwback Worlds were limited-time worlds typically accessible through the /server throwback command. With players defaulted to adventure mode, this encouraged natural exploration especially through the use of public transit systems.

Survival 3's rail network was monumental for its time, with an extensive web of both main and branch lines. Banking on this premise would allow the SRN team to reinvigorate a branch line culture. Combined with the opportunity to reminisce and dive back into a world frozen in time, the rationale for a tour was created.

Survival 3

The Survival 3 world was reintroduced on 23 March 2023, with the Tour slated less than two weeks later on 5 April 2023. The itinerary included a ride of the west line towards Relleka Station, then to the Avalanche branch line. Players would transfer to Witchwood Station for a ride back to spawn. 20.png Montenator and west Line manager 20.png Skelleton123 hosted the first half of the event. Former line managers 20.png marbou9 and 20.png William278 joined in to give an impromptu tour of the South and East lines during the second half of the excursion. Alighting at Ouranos, players then went on to have a round of ice boat racing, won by 20.png H_Di_Chemici as Montenator fell in a hole. A group photo in the middle of Ourano's fields marked the end of the event.

This iteration of the Throwback Tours was plagued by connection issues, as players experienced intermittent lag and disconnections. Notably, tourists were greeted by vanished sections of track, supposedly due to chunks errors on the way to Barkenstein.


The Husky throwback world was made available on April 15, 2023.


On June 29, 2023, it was Beagle's turn for its throwback world to be reintroduced.