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Havana, a prominent settlement on the Survival 2 world.

This is a list of settlements that exist or existed at one point on the various worlds of the Dogcraft Server. Settlements are builds which range from small player villages to large public city projects.

List of Settlements

Picture Name Founded Mayor(s)
Survival 5 (2022-present)
Caelon Logo.png Caelon 18th March, 2022 20.png Cookies58_, 20.png dmgdog,20.png Domino_1, 20.png DragonFire441, 20.png marbou9, 20.png misterblue28, 20.png RY44 & 20.png Txp_
Flowercliffe 18th March, 2022 20.png ElliotTheRedd, 20.png Montenator, 20.png LazyNine & 20.png N1cM4tth3w63
LeonEmblem.png Leon 18th March, 2022 20.png strawberrysham, 20.png eybwam, 20.png ashapink & 20.png zacattack2097
Survival 4 (2020-2022)
Alina logo test 3 1.png
Alina 15th March, 2020 20.png TrainerMoon, 20.png expedtadam & 20.png Txp_
Calafort Úr 1st April, 2020 20.png Warhorse221
Gaia Skyline.png City of Gaia 1st April, 2020 20.png Cookies58_, 20.png dmgdog, 20.png DragonFire441, 20.png marbou9, 20.png misterblue28, & 20.png RY44
Lotus Images6.png Lotus 1st April, 2020 20.png FangsofAmber, 20.png _Skyhook & 20.png SummerFlower1234
Oasis City (Birdeye view).png Oasis City 1st April, 2020 20.png StenLLuk
Opportunity Station.png Prosperity June 2020 20.png Vectron1811
Sethrum View.png Sethrum 26th September, 2020 20.png herocreep224
Takeshi July21.png Takeshi 1st April, 2020 20.png darparniox, 20.png Aeghu, 20.png SamanthaArgos & 20.png _edo
Umaru Central Park.png Umaru 26th July, 2020 20.png William278
Survival 3 (2018-20)
Aeon6.png Aeon City 20.png yddraiggoch
Barkenstein9.png Barkenstein 24th October, 2018 20.png Hiulgrin
2019-08-07 20.01.56.png Calafort July 2019 20.png Warhorse221
Chronia4.png Chronia 20th October, 2018 20.png DragonFire441, 20.png nossi_, 20.png RY44, 20.png Cookies58_, 20.png _gewoon_iemand_ & 20.png Arkhangellsk
Deliverance Nether.jpeg Deliverance 20th October, 2018 20.png LAK3RS & 20.png Rhyvin
Sur3-Dragon-Valley.png Dragon Valley Late 2018 20.png Broga_, 20.png wiki_1000 & 20.png _skyhook
Main island.png Erebus 10th December, 2019 20.png dmgdog, 20.png TrainerMoon & 20.png Txp_
Ouranos Skyline.png Ouranos 7th January, 2019 20.png William278 & 20.png misterblue28
Spawn City 20th October, 2018 (none)
Survival 2 (2017-18)
Akkara temples.png Akkara City 2nd September, 2017 20.png William278, 20.png LAK3RS, 20.png Rhyvin, 20.png TraktorMC
Futuria 2018
2018-10-18 21.39.39-edit3-cropped.jpg City of Havana 2nd September, 2017 20.png _edo, 20.png Brianetta & 20.png darparniox
Hydropolis Grand.png Hydropolis 7th October, 2018 (opened) 20.png RY44, 20.png DragonFire441, 20.png _gewoon_iemand_ & 20.png Kevinstop
Kholinar.png Kholinar 11th December, 2017 20.png Gawin_Grimm
Littlecliff.png Littlecliff 20.png Penguinium
MicroMesa.png MicroMesa April 2018 (opened) 20.png Mrs_Diss & 20.png leetz1lla
2019-01-27 19.33.35.png Nepolis October 2017 20.png Joschija
Nerg Village 2018
Nickadia 2018 20.png Nickmobile
PMO.png Pineapple's Mountain Outpost Mid-2018 20.png Pineappleman83 & 20.png Pineappleguy83
Randopolis2.png Randopolis July 2018 20.png bricksburger
Saharia4.png Saharia May 2018 20.png TEX5000 & 20.png Wil0wLily
City of seven-0.png City of Seven 20.png Alwaysin7
2018-01-12 17.39.46.png Tetley Mid-2018 20.png TiniestTea
Turtle Cove 2018
Tyrantia 2018
Town of Wanigoora at night.png Wanigoora 2.0 28th September, 2017 20.png OPwrecker
Survival 1 (2015-17)
Dressrosa Town.png Dressrosa Late 2015 20.png FilipinoTurtle (primary builder)
Lackria Overhead 2.png Lackria 2nd June, 2016 20.png William278, 20.png TraktorMC, 20.png MrAnonymous25 & 20.png SENsationals02
Majorca 2017
Radeon 2017
2019-01-27 20.05.49.png Spawn City 28th September, 2015 (none)
Stream Town panorama.png Stream Town 4th May, 2016 20.png Renthedog, 20.png StaircaseClimber & 20.png victix11
Soms.png Soms Late 2016 20.png _edo
Spirit Town Late 2016 Thebes_Bivan / Tyrage
Valhalla 2016
Wanigoora Station.png Wanigoora June 2017 20.png OPwrecker

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