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Survival 3
Atteca Village.png
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WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png Skelleton123
FoundedNovember 2018
LocationX= -7220
Y= 68
Z= 4310

Atteca was the base of Skelleton123 on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server.


Atteca was the name of the island on which the base was located. The island consisted of 3 major biomes. A Savanna where most of the base was located, a Desert with a village at it鈥檚 edge, and a Plains biome hosting space for SRN project development like the Grand Map.

The island was located South West of Spawn and surrounded by Icebergs.

The base consisted out of 2 major parts; the Mansions on the top of the Savanna plateau and the village at the base of that plateau.


The island was found pretty soon after launch. As it was unclaimed, Skelleton123 used his mountain of claimblocks and claimed all of it. The initial idea was to create a Greek-inspired mountain village on the Savanna plateau. The first structure to go up was a round pedestal-like temple, which was never finished. It was taken down later on to make space for the big mansion. The pedestal was actually the entrance to a much larger underground part that hosted a first storage area, a super-smelter, and by all surprise, there was a skeleton-spawner right under it, which was turned into a skeleton mob-farm.

After a while, Skelleton123 decided to do something else. The idea to build a mansion was born. The first attempt, which is still standing, was made to the east-side of the plateau. It hosted a small kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a hallway on the bottom floor, a bedroom under the roof, and a basement with a small storage space. The interior of the house was never finished as the flow of the house didn鈥檛 really work out.

A second attempt was made, going off a template. The second mansion had made much more progress, but was still missing the roof. As of the moment of writing, it hosted a Kitchen, SRN meeting room, Library, office, small bath at the bottom floor, a small storage room, bathroom, bedroom for Baby Skelly, a master suite for Skelly and Mrs. Skelly on the top floor, and a small sugarcane farm in the basement.

Down the hill there was the small village of Atteca growing slowly. The village consisted of a small sheep farm, a manual crop farm, zombie and spider spawners (both hidden underground), and iron farms. Future buildings would be a tavern, a small townhall, a blacksmith, a library, residential houses, and market place. The village was situated at the bottom of the hill, close to the vanilla village the was on the island, marking the edge between the Savanna and Desert Biomes.


Background Takeshi by Edo