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Hello, I am Skelleton123!

About me

I'm Skelleton123, also known as Skelly, Capt'n Skelly or the 'West-Line manager'.

I've joined Dogcraft and the Cyberdog Nation back in May of 2017. Before I joined I was already a long time follower of RenDog's Youtube channel. I have played Minecraft since alpha, but played a lot of modded Minecraft before I took a break at the end of 2016. When I started to get back into Minecraft I decided to join RenDog's fan server to check it out and see if I could make this server my new home. And I did!

The tale of Skelleton123

Getting started on Survival 1

When I first joined I loved seeing a rail network that could transport you into the world. And so I embarked on a journey on the West-Line of the Survival 1 server. I made it to the, then final station, on that line: Taiga Bay.

The area around the station wasn't really developed. So I made camp and started building. After a few weeks I was approached by 20.png _edo with the question if I was interested in helping out the SRN. And I was! I immediately started rebuilding all the maps at every station. Due to a bug and the infamous crash of 2017, most of those had been deleted and needed redoing. By the time I was done doing all those, Survival 2 was announced and my progress slowed down. I was actively preparing our new adventure for Survival 2!

On to Havana for Survival 2

Being a part of the SRN I was in the loop on the development of the spawn area and how it was completely different from the Survival 1 Spawn area. 20.png _edo, 20.png Brianetta and 20.png Darparnoix invited me to join their adventure in creating a spawn-worthy town, just South of the actual spawn. We worked all summer to prepare buildings and the layout for what would become Havana, the biggest city on Survival 2. In Havana I became one of the 5 councilors, the architects of the the city. And being so I was able to help designing a lot of buildings that would define the skyline. Like the Ren-Statue sitting on the savanna hill and the large castle towering over the south side of the city, marking the entrance.

On top of the Havana adventure, I remained also part of the SRN project that made it's return on Survival 2. I became the first ever West-Line Manager, a job which I still hold on the Survival 5 world as well. Being the West-Line manager it meant I was to design the stations on the Western SRN line. I took my time on designing all of those stations and concludes the line at the end of the servers life with 3 completed stations. As the Survival 2 world was removed, all pictures and info can be found here: West Station, North-West & West Coast.

SRN Focus on Survival 3

Once Survival 3 was coming around, myself and the other managers of the SRN project were invited to design the Survival 3 Spawn. Going from a first design by me that eventually would develop into the Central Station platform, me and the other line-managers designed the Spawn Basin. It was an honor and a lot of fun to get the creativity flowing and designing the central area where players would come into this exciting new world!

After the world had launched I had only one job! Build that first station on the West-Line and so I did: West Station on Survival 3 was the second to open, only one week after launch, something I was very proud to accomplish. After West Station it took me some time to open the next station, as that was the Mall Station in an admin claim. Followed by Balaton, Bastion Glace and Relleka Station making up the West line for Survival 3 going into 2020! The final station to be added to the West-line on survival 3 was The Rock. Unintentionally the station was built as an end-of-the-line station. Sadly it had become one with the announcement of Survival 4.

Gaia and the SRN on Sur4

Survival 4 was still young and has much promise to develop into a beautiful creation. From the start I invested in joining the City of Gaia, West from spawn (what did you expect?). At launch there was only one world. This world is now known as the Husky world. And my first priority was to develop the West-Station. Based of a design by 20.png Nossi I build the West Station right in the middle of the city. When the second world, Beagle, was added to the server I ventured out to find myself a base location. Castle Leoch, based on the castle by the same name in the ‘Outlander’ series, was born. It was for a very long time a work in progress, very close to the West Station on Beagle. After finishing the second West station on Husky, SRN HQ , I decided that the base on Beagle wasn't going to be it. So I decided to move over to Husky and created a new base, called Isle of Leoch. Keeping up with the same theme an island South of the SRN HQ was stripped to sea level and prepared for building up. At this point in time the plan was to build the landscape from scratch and design a castle with surrounding buildings on the island. Progress had already begun with a bridge connecting the island to the RHN. Sadly I never really finished the project. My focus had shifted to the 4th and final station on the Husky West-Line 'Oak Town Station'. This last station took a lot of time, since I was mad enough to transform an entire vanilla village into a SRN, RHN and CSC hub. After finishing Oak Town Station I needed to take a small break. I started focusing on smaller projects in and around Gaia, like the church in Old Town Gaia.

Time to SurV!

SurV or better know als Survial 5 has started. Before the worlds even opened I have already been a busy bee. The SRN had been invited by the Buildteam (of which I have been a part for a long time now) to help build the new spawns for the 4 different worlds. Each of those spawns was in need of a Grand Central Station. You can find the designs, majorly done by myself, but with help from my fellow Line-Managers, on the Shepherd, Akita and Labrador Worlds.

I have invested myself in the first few weeks of the new servers to 3 major projects. I have pledged to contributing to the Caelon City projected headed by the Survival 4 Gaia crew, close by I have my personal base set up, called Isle of Hibernia and I'm invested in the SRN West-line on the Shepherd world.

Being a part the Staff-team

In the spring of 2018 I applied to become part of the staff team. There was an application to become a chat-moderator. As I’ve had multiple experiences moderating for other Youtubers in the past (iJustine’s Minecraft server and Pyrostasis Modded minecraft servers) I thought I gave it a shot. I was glad to be able to join the team after having a good chat with the then Head-Mod 20.png Ectobeast. Starting 29/07/2018 I became part of staff as a chat-moderator and have served as one for almost 1 year. Around the start of July 2019 20.png Marbou9 asked me if I was interested in getting a promotion. And after declining that promotion at the start of 2019 I was finally able and free to spend my time on the server as a moderator. A function as which I have been serving since.

In addition to serving as a server moderator I was asked to come and support the Discord Staff team while 20.png Googly was looking for more permanent Discord Moderators early in 2020. I was happy to help and still am functioning as a Discord Moderator right now!

Besides my roles as Server Moderator and Discord Moderator I'm also part of the Build&Events-Teams, today that's called the Dogcraft Creative Team (DCT), Branches of the Staff Team.