The Great Orange

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The Great Orange
The great orange.png

An aerial view of The Great Orange

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 20.png dmgdog
Founded July 2019
Location X=-16800
Status Defunct
Railway No SRN connection
Nether NTN West to South-West Border Hub, after 6000 block marker

The Great Orange was the base of player 20.png dmgdog on the Survival 3 world on the Dogcraft Server. The center piece of The Great Orange was a hole, dug down to bedrock with a decorated floor design, in the shape of an orange; thus giving it the base's name. Founded in July 2019, the once desolate swamp lands had since been built-up greatly.


Locator.svg The Great Orange in Survival 3

The Great Orange

Location of The Great Orange on the Grand Map of Survival 3.

(Co-ordinates - X: -16800, Z: 6600)

The Dig

dmgdog found an area on the Grand Map that he wanted to start his base, located in the West, he started a long trek to find his desired area. Without using coordinates, it was difficult to locate, but with the help of player 20.png Cookies58_ it was eventually found.

Work started as dmgdog flattened a large area. Without access to a beacon, this took longer than expected. This was followed by a 3 week-long dig of a 99 diameter circle down to bedrock with some help from various players including player 20.png StenLLuk.

A huge dig commenced

Designing the Floor

  • The next step of the project was designing a suitable floor, which was spawn proof and was impressive. This limited dmgdog to only a small amount of blocks. The original design was in the shape of a Ying and yang, however he struggled to light up the build; and therefore was no longer a viable option. Instead, he played around with the idea of lava, and glass, and soon had the idea of designing something that hadn't been done before; a giant orange.

The floor design is complete

Block Pallet

This in turn led to the creation of the block pallet for the base: orange concrete, white concrete, lava, orange glass and white glass

Main Area

The main area of the Great Orange was the only complete section of the base. This was home to the storage system, super smelter, kelp and bamboo farms, as well as an instant xp furnace array. This could be accessed via a piston door to the north of the Great Orange. The block pallette remained constant with the floor design, making use of lava, orange, white and black blocks. The main storage area went through many redesigns before reaching it's final design, due to the uncertaincy 20.png dmgdog had about the use of redstone within the base. It featured an automatic shulker loader for bulk items, and manual shulker boxes on the walls for all the other items.

Spleef Arena

The Great Orange Spleef arena was built by 20.png dmgdog with the help of several other players and groups that donated materials. Building started on the 13th October 2019, and was completed on 2nd November 2019. Only one official Dogcraft Spleef League took place at this arena, before it's hiatus on the 3rd November 2019. dmgdog's aim was to combine the best mechanisms and features of previously built arenas. This included easy spectator viewing platforms, a fair piston player dropping system, with noteblocks, as well as automatic item collection. The arena itself followed the same build pallette as the rest of the base, and was located upon custom terraformed terrain. This build later inspired dmgdog to continue to build up this area of the base, later starting to build a horse stables for the equestrian league. The plan was to create a track that joined the bases of 20.png Cookies58_ and 20.png dmgdog, however this was never complete due to time restraints close to the end of Survival 3.

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