Hermiton City

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Hermiton City
Survival 3
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WorldSurvival 3
Mayor(s)20.png frederickamosYT

Hermiton City was a town on Survival 3 where players could build freely around a town area. It featured a Nether Transport Network connection and shops in the city with some materials for sale.


  • The city had no build palette or particular style, though building eyesores was not allowed.
  • Commercial and residential plots as well as entertainment were nearby.
  • A nearby Minecraft Village, with villagers was available for citizens to use.

The frederickamosYT Center

The frederickamosYT Center was the home of the frederickamosYT. It featured a General Store, a Spleef arena, a head showcase, and more.


Hermiton City nether station was right past the mall station on the NTN, approximately 4000 overworld blocks out.

Other travel mechanisms to the city were under construction, though the large distance away from other stations meant the process of building was lengthy.

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