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Survival 3
WorldSurvival 3
Founded30ᵗʰ June 2019
Mayor(s)20.png doemaarwessel
Contributors20.png GideonMooieBaas
LocationX= 25
Z= 2215

The settlement of Groningen was located in the Survival 3 world, between South Station and Coconut Station along the southern SRN line.

The town was named after the Dutch city of the same title, Groningen, and used the same flag design throughout its buildings.

The public town was founded by doemaarwessel, shortly after the SRN base tour rush in June 2019. Most of the early buildings there were attributed to him.

With the two main players involved in Groningen being banned, the town was since abandoned.

Style and Features

The town had an 'oldschool minecraft' build style, predominantly using cobblestone and wood variants.

It was surrounded by a large castle, and mini-station. Other features included farms, the tribute plaza (with flags of people who have helped there), coloured glass domes, and large flag monuments at the north side of the town.

An example of the Groningen flag, found frequently around the town
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