Antibean HQ

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Antibean HQ
Survival 3
Antibean HQ.png
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png marbou9, 20.png darparniox

Antibean HQ was a prominent building in the Survival 3 settlement of Ouranos. It was well known for its somewhat infamous and publically played out backstory and had been one of the most pranked locations around of the server.


The plot of land Antibean HQ sat upon was one of the first set out during Ouranos' development, and the building was clearly within sight of the city hall and station in Lackria Plaza. The plot was purchased by 20.png marbou9 in January 2019.

Around this time, in social circles of the SRN, 20.png William278, a SRN line manager and a mayor of Ouranos, had begun to make highly regular use of the phrase 'Cool Beans'. The revival of the phrase from an earlier introduction in 2018 by 20.png ChrisTheWalrus drew divided but primarily negative reaction.

During February, William278 continued to propagate the phrase, culminating in building a map art containing an image of three so-called 'Cool Beans'. This drew much ire, and two other players well entrenched in SRN social circles, 20.png darparniox and marbou9 decided to act, thus forming the 'Antibean' movement.

Over the course of three days, the duo created Antibean banners and a graffiti style map art that depicted the cancelling of a 'Cool Bean', both of which they copied hundreds of times. In addition, an existing design for the aforementioned Ouranos plot of marbou9's was modified to become the new 'Antibean HQ'. They acquired permissions for the main Ouranos claim from another mayor of Ouranos, 20.png misterblue28, in final preparation.

Once prepared, the duo built the Antibean HQ design in Survival over a few hours whilst William278 was offline, and placed Antibean signage and graffiti around the city. William278 later logged in, discovered the actions taken, and admitted defeat on behalf of Cool Beans in reaction. This sequence of events was sometimes known as the 'First Bean War'.

The town was later cleaned up and the decision made that Antibean HQ could remain as a permanent fixture in Ouranos. Since, it has been the subject of numerous friendly pranks, including being filled with anvils, diorite, and having crafting tables placed as its facade.

Antibean HQ attic space


Anitbean HQ had five floors:

  • Basement - Cool beans prison
  • Ground level - reception
  • 1st floor - waiting room
  • 2nd floor - offices for "Antibean officials"
  • Attic - Antibean situation room, including decoder and filing space


  • The HQ contained multiple signs with beanified versions of famous quotes.