Ouranos City Hall

Ouranos City Hall
Ouranos CH Entrance.png

A view of the entrance to the City Hall

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 18.png William278, 18.png misterblue28
Status Active
Completed Completed
Location X=5413

Ouranos City Hall, the political center for the city of Ouranos, was located on the south side of the central Lackria Plaza and opposite the Ouranos Station. The city hall featured information about the city, municipal offices and storage for Ouranos builders and mayors.


Ouranos City hall was laid out in a plus-shape design, with three main rooms and the exit feeding into a central atrium. The atrium featured a tree in the middle of a domed area with the idea being that as Ouranos grew as a city, so would the tree[1]. Benches and vegetation surrounded this, as well as the entrances into the Info, Guild and Staff rooms.


  • Staff Room - A room with municipal offices for the two mayors of Ouranos; William278 and misterblue28.
  • Info Room - A room with information on Ouranos as well as a list of currently active projects and citizens. The info room also featured lights on the floor that indicated the progress of the city project as a whole.
  • Guild Room - A room for build and mayoral staff only, with a common room and storage room inside.[2]
  • Builder's Offices - Offices for members of the Ouranos Builder's Guild.