Txp's Mushroom Island

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Txp's Mushroom Island
Dogcraft base Txp.png

The center of the Mushroom Island base

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 20.png Txp_
Founded December 2019
Dimension Overworld
Status Defunct

Txp's Mushroom Island was the Mushroom Island base of 20.png Txp_ on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server. It featured builds comprised of older buildings with wood, stone and bricks (a brown, green palette). And a more modern one with concrete, clay and quarts (a white and grey palette).


For a long time, the island was owned by 20.png Mr_Quasi. However, he didn’t know what to do with it, so in December 2019 he decided to give it to Txp_. Txp came up with the idea to grass over the island and remove the Mycelium. He did that for quite some time until he found some sort of Diorite monster. Txp_ quickly realized that it could be a threat to the server, so he captured it. But not long after it started spreading, spreading and spreading. By the end of Survival 3, it had almost taken over the entire cage it was inside.

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