Trade Hall

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Trade Hall
Survival 3
Trade Hall.png
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png TickleMeUnicorn
20.png bricksburger
20.png Maverick2008

The Trade Hall was a commercially focused build on the Survival 3 world which operated independent of the well-used and known Dogcraft Dollar currency system. The hall used a trust system where sellers place the items in regular chests, and buyers took the items and replaced them with diamonds.

The build was initially founded as a player-run substitute for the Mall, which was not present at the start of the world along with the server quickshop plugin that facilitated it. Firstly known as the Tickles Trade Hall, it became very popular due to the high demand for a shopping area on the server. However, it was plagued with stealing and managerial issues.

Upon the launch of the Mall, the Trade Hall declined instantly in popularity. Although the building still sees some minor activity, the Trade Hall faded from the public conscious within a few months.

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