Town of Genoa

Town of Genoa
2019-06-01 20.05.58.png

A view of the City Hall from the inside

World Survival 3
Mayor(s) 18.png nickmobile
Contributors 18.png PrismSpectrum, 18.png LordSeliph
Location X=-14000
Status Active
Nether NTN Connection

Genoa was a developing town on the Survival 3 world of the server. It was an Italian style town based on Venice, with charming landscaping throughout the urban city streets. A soft opening was supposed to happen with a more official one in the works once the town was more presentable. The town had many pre-made homes ready to decorate with plots to be added.

Battle of Genoa

On the 4th of August, 2019, a wither was set loose in the city streets by mayor nickmobile. The wither quickly overpowered its owner, partially due to a blunder as claim explosions were enabled. Other online players quickly responded with assistance, with many Cyberdogs carrying out an assault, firing arrows at the Boss, while others fired tridents and riptide-attacked it.


  • Genoa Lighthouse
  • Genoa clock tower
  • A large mansion, opposite the main island.