They Must be Billions

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They Must be Billions
Survival 3
Billions Final.png
The Final Flyover
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png OldManLP85
Founded26th October 2018
LocationX= ~0
Y= 64
Z= ~10,000

They Must be Billions was the mountainside base of OldManLP85 on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server.


On the back of Rendogs frequent playing of the post-apocalyptic, steampunk, real-time strategy, survival video game, They Are Billions, 20.png OldManLP85 started becoming interested in the architecture of the game. Hatching out a plan, to find a natural basin, a plains surrounded by mountains, he found a location that had a medium mountain to the side of a naturally flat plains biome, surrounded by a river. This would become the new base of OldMan for season 3.


The Setup

Knowing he would need a multitude of different blocks, namely, Dark Prismarine, OldMan decided to gear up and start on a guardian farm. So working from a small village to the side of his new base, he went out and found a, relatively close, ocean monument, and conquered the three elders that resided there. But using non violence, OldMan floated the guardians to the surface, and rail carted them away (for future use). Then, the guardian farm was put in to action, and shards were… filling the chests.

Once ready, OldMan then set out for the second featured block in his new base, endstone. So travelling out, to a distant end island, OldMan started breaking his pickaxes “in” with numerous repair jobs, OldMan soon had enough endstone to create an island.

It Begins

Scouring the Plains, for a suitable Command Centre location, it was decided to place it nearer to one side… why? Because in the side of the mountain, was none other, than the thing that was required to make the base complete. A Zombie Spawner. For at the end of the Season, OldMan planned on populating the town with Villagers, then standing back, and releasing the horde.

So as with the game, the Townhall was erected first, which soon became the base of operations. The store room. Each wing was allocated a different material type: woods, stones, mob drops, and specials. Built out of endstone and (smooth) stone slabs, the townhall was capped with a prismarine roof, and yellow windows. Much akin to the original.

Next up came some housing units, built to replicate the “Cottage” in the game, were later re-purposed to become a concrete maker, a sheep farm, and a momento house. The houses made out of dark oak, were capped in cyan terracotta roofs, however, later in the season, were changed to the easier to access material of grey wool.

After the houses, the Iron farm was a necessity, to keep up with the iron requirements of anvil decorations and such. So a two pod iron farm was installed, and surrounding it, was “The Academy of Immortals” solely chosen for the warrior output from within. Another concept that was taken from season 2 was the joint villager breeder/iron farm. So nestled inside this Wonder, was both.

OldMan faces his first "Horde"

Following suit, there was soon a Fishing Hut, upgraded Stone Houses, Advanced Farms, an Engineering Centre, a Warehouse, Tesla Towers, and more. One of the most used buildings, was the Bank. The bank had one sole purpose, to bring “bank-tellers” to the counter to pay you out… in bones. For whilst OldMan was creating the base, it was discovered that there was a skeleton spawner. Just to the south of the Command Centre, and usable from the surface. So it was only fitting for a bone farm to be made there, which in turn, was sold at the mall returning a profit of DCD’s, hence the building, the Bank.

Time Draws On

As time progressed, OldMan started creating more houses, walls, and roads. Trying to give the base a sense of life where ever he could. Even going as far as populating houses with villagers. He then turned to the bigger picture and realised there was still no wall around the entire “Billions” map. So OldMan gathered up shulker after shulker of stone, and created a cliff side, around the western and southern borders of the base. (The plan was then to continue up the eastern side), but he realised something was missing. An abandoned zombie town. So OldMan started creating a monochromatic town, towards the east, where hordes of zombies could live.

The Bell Tolls

Sadly, the season came to an abrupt halt, as OldMan headed off to lead the build team in creating the spawn for Survival 4, so alas, no final battle was ever fought. However, there does exist a world download, should he ever feel the need… the need to see billions of zombies feed… on Villager brains!!!


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