Parandor Island

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Parandor Island

An overview of Parandor before Elderwood City

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 20.png ArrowsTheHunter
20.png LivingDeadRachie
20.png anarchy96
20.png bubin7766
Founded 21-10-2018
Dimension Overworld
Status Defunct

Parandor Island was the base of 20.png LivingDeadRachie, 20.png anarchy96, 20.png bubin7766 and 20.png ArrowsTheHunter on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server.


In the mind of a creator far far way, Parandor came as a brainwave. The date was 21st of October 2018, when 20.png LivingDeadRachie and 20.png bubin7766 brought this idea to life. Despite the project meaning to be a small island, it became apparent over the months that the idea had grown bigger than anything the two have ever imagined. The very first build upon the Island of Parandor was a cathedral, also giving inspiration to other players who visited during the construction. Over the months Bubin became less active on the base, leaving Rachie to work alone for a number of months. Though it was a slow progress, a few farms were built during this time but nothing major had managed to be built. Alas a brave hero came along: 20.png anarchy96. He joined the Dogcraft Server and along with Rachie, brought bigger and better ideas to life. He made an awesome lighthouse on the south of the coast line which lit the way for many visitors. With Christmas fast approaching she made friends with 20.png ArrowsTheHunter who became a regular builder at Parandor Island. Together, they developed Parandor into what it was, which consisted of 3 counties!

As Rachie was a lover of pirates, her imagination created a pirate's dock called Yarwood Bay, home to the mighty Queen Anne's Revenge. Elderwood City, a public city for all good folk to admire and even build upon the empty plots. Elderwood Palace sat on the rolling hills of Parandor, on the outskirts of Elderwood City. On Parandor Island itself was Elvenstone Castle, home of the Elven Stone, the crystal that was believed to bring life and protection to the world of Parandor.


  • Parandor Cathedral (January 2020)
  • Elvenstone Castle
  • Elderwood Palace (July 2019)
  • Yarwood Bay
  • Elderwood City
  • Each person who had helped with the island was still playing on the server and helped to the last day of the world.