Bunga Putih

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Bunga Putih
Bunga Putih Main.png

The overview of the "main area" of the base.

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 20.png MattPlayz_MC
Founded February 2019
Location X=-14314
Dimension Overworld
Status Defunct
Nether West Tunnel. Just after the 14000 block marker on the right there was a quartz archway with ladders.

Bunga Putih was the base of 20.png MattPlayz_MC on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server. It was a futuristic/modern style base influenced by Mumbo Jumbo. It used a mixture of gray concrete and white concrete including some extra colours to represent what the building was for. It was based in a snowy plains and snowy taiga biome.


The base was founded in early February 2019. The first build was a small wooden shack that was made by a combination of spruce and oak planks. Its name means White Flower in Malay. It was called so because due to the snowy biome, everything is white and pristine.


Bunga Putih's first build was the wooden shack which was home to an 8 furnace manual smelting array, a 30 levels enchanting table setup, and a mini-kelp farm (manual). It contained a small pumpkin and melon farm, a 1.13 villager breeder, a 1.13 villager trading hall, and other buildings. The villager trading hall was the first build with an actual building surrounding it. The next one was the sugarcane farm followed by the under-construction cactus farm which was the tallest building thus far. Furthermore, there was also a gunpowder farm. It also housed a DIBL (Dogcraft Ice Boat League) ice track which was completed later. There were also countless other mini-farms at the "storage area" that was not very organized and full of chest monsters.