Archmage Tower

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Archmage Tower
Archmage Tower.png

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 20.png RareLynncake
Status Defunct
Dimension Overworld

Archmage Tower was a build on the Survival 3 world on Dogcraft and was built by 20.png RareLynncake. It was built on the island of 'Q-Topia', of 20.png Mr_Quasi's in November 2019 over the course of week. It takes the shape of a clock, and includes a garden dome and giant ball filled with cobwebs, as well as a zeppelin connected near the top of the tower.


The tower was:

  • 165 blocks tall
  • Made up of around 11,000 blocks
  • Filled with 450 cobwebs


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