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Survival 1
Overhead view of Soms and its bridge
WorldSurvival 1
Mayor(s)20.png _edo
20.png Zhul (former)
ContributorsVarious moderators
TransportSRN Soms Station
Soms Bridge (by _edo)

Soms was a town group project on the Survival 1 world created by the server moderators of the time for themselves in an initiative to increase moderator collaboration and as a team-building effort. The desire came to build the town from within the mod team at the time in late-2016. As the head of the SRN, then-moderator _edo was tasked with finding a suitable location for the proposed project, which was suggested to be at the site for the then-known-as North3 Station. A station was built at the location and eventually linked to the rest of the North Line.


Founded on October 27th, 2016, the aim was to construct a town with a steampunk aesthetic. In the first couple of days, a number of builds were erected. However, at the start of 2017, interest in the project waned and progress slowed to a halt. This is cited to be due to a lack of moderator commitment, despite its promising ideas. Though large amounts of land was cleared out, much of it remained empty and when the Survival 2 world began in September 2017, any future plans were abandoned.


  • Mikey_DC built a house in the northern area of the town.
  • A light-house was built for the town on a small island just off the coast.
  • Ivorysnape built a large coal power plant in the south east part of town.
  • A modest storage house for supplies and resources to build the town.
  • An underground Zombie grinder was built.
  • Soms Station, the most notable structure in town. It was built to serve the town by _edo and darparniox. It also featured a full NTN station.
  • Some Bridge, an industrial looking lift bridge, connected the northern and southern parts of Soms, which were separated by a natural river, built by _edo.


Background Dragon Slayer - Retriever by Ironboundred