Christmas 2020

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Christmas 2020 Event
Survival 4
Christmas 2020 Overview.png
Overview of the Event
ActivitiesHead Hunt, Mystery Desk, IceBoat Race, and presents!
OrganizersThe Events Team led by 20.png OldManLP85 and 20.png RY44
WorldSurvival 4
Teleport/phome xmas2020

"This year, the Events Team decided to Blow Up Christmas. Figuratively." 20.png OldManLP85

The Christmas 2020 Event was an event that took place throughout the month of December 2020 to celebrate Christmas on the Dogcraft Server. The event was accessible via the /phome xmas2020 warp.

The Event

"Chestnuts roasting, on an open fire..."

The miniature village on the fireplace mantle

Starting in a large snowy plains, the Events Team went hard to work, erecting walls and slowly realizing that this was going to be bigger than they ever imagined.

To set the scene... Imagine a room, with a giant fireplace smack bang in the center of one wall. To the left, a couch made for two, and on the right, a Christmas tree ripe for presents. Beside the tree sits a grand old writing desk, where Santa loves to sit, and write all his accounts of the mycelium wars. Scattered around the walls of the room were numerous mouse holes. Hidden inside, were various activities, for all to try out.


The highly-anticipated ice boat track
  • The highly anticipated Head Hunt
  • A Desk of mystery, Can you help free the mouse?
    • included a range of parkour, mazes, and more parkour...
  • A highly specialized Dunk Tank
    • perfect for dunking your favorite moderator
  • And the highly anticipated return of the first Survival 4 ice boat league track. Hidden deep underneath, in its own city.


  • The event location was actually an Easter egg at the Halloween 2020 event, with a tunnel and nether portal, emerging at the build site.
  • The head hunt actually had 9 of each head to find, not 8.
  • There was a Zombified Santa dangling above the fire.
  • To the amazement of many, the iceboat track (and city) was built in a mere 3 days.
  • Rendog visited the event, even having a race on the ice boat track, only to be beaten by 20.png OldmanLP85 on the last corner.
  • 20.png Treemanforever (almost) beats 20.png marbou9 for the title of “Parkour Meanie” for his unforgiving parkour challenges. Although, he does get special mention for adding a safety ladder halfway through the parkour, 24 hrs into the event.