Northwestern Shopping District

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Northwestern Shopping District
Northwestern shopping district afar.png

The shopping area from afar, on the 15th of April, 2020.

Type Shopping area
World(s) Survival 4 (Husky)
Project Leader(s) 20.png Domino_1
Status Defunct

The Northwestern Shopping District was a project on the Husky world of Survival 4 of the Dogcraft Server. It was one of the early trade hubs of the world, before the server Mall opened. Other similar trade hubs also existed, such as the Oasis Department Store. During its use, it was also known under the name "Domino's Plots". The district was located on a plains island northwest of spawn, close to the city of Gaia. It was founded and operated by 20.png Domino_1.


The area was comprised of multiple 10x10 plots of grass blocks, with 3 block wide stone based roads dividing them from each other. Plots cost 2000 Dogcraft Dollars and were a one time permanent purchase. The owners were free to construct their own shops with the limitations of keeping their buildings within their own plots and not going deeper than 15 blocks. The entire district was surrounded by oak fences.

A "central plot" was located in what was initially the center of the area, although by the final extension, it had become the northern half of the district. This plot included signs with information and guidelines for purchasing and maintaining a plot, and nether portals connecting to the NTN. A public home named "Shop" was also set there. That home has since been removed, but a newer one, under the name /phome Domino's Former Shopping District could still be used to get to the area.


The shopping district was founded by 20.png Domino_1 during the first week of Survival 4, before the Beagle world opened. At that point, the official Mall was not yet completed, and would not be for several months. These plots were never meant to function past the mall opening, instead their purpose was to temporarily provide a place for commerce on the server. The first plot was purchased by 20.png Alwaysin7, before the project was opened.

Initially, less than 11 plots were built before the "opening" of the district, which throughout its use was continuously expanded. At the time of its closing, the project included 46 plots, most of which had been sold at least once.

The shopping area opened on the 4th April 2020, and was active until the opening of the Survival 4 mall, on the 20th May, although its closing wasn't announced until the 12th of August to give plot owners time to move to the new mall. Requests to purchase new plots between May 20th and August were turned away.


  • During its use, the shopping area never had a name, often being referred to as "Pre-mall shopping area" or "Domino's plots". The name "Northwestern Shopping District" was created during the writing of this article.