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Survival 4 Husky
M-Bay from the water
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
Builder(s)20.png Montenator
FoundedApril 2020
LocationX= -1720
Y= 64
Z= -1530
TransportM-Bay Station (Branch Line Station from West Station)

M-Bay was the base of 20.png Montenator on the Survival 4 Husky world of the Dogcraft Server.

About M-Bay

M-Bay began construction in late April 2020, a few weeks after the Husky world was launched. Prior to that Montenator had been working on Seapoint Industries, an area nearby M-Bay, alongside 20.png N1cM4tth3w63. The base featured a modern/futuristic build style, predominantly featuring various blocks including concrete, prismarine, quartz and glass. The base was constructed after Montenator and N1cM4tth3w63 decided to stop working on a joint base and instead focused on two separate bases a few hundred blocks apart. The base was also the first time Montenator built in a modern style, as a way to get away from his usual rustic palette.

History of M-Bay

The initial frame of the base was started on the 28th of April 2020. The main superstructure naturally curved around a mountain-side bay, hence the base's name. The base saw rapid growth in the first month of construction, with a large tower being constructed on the far left side of the base, as well as considerable progress being made in the interior of the base. Later on, a dock was also built for a hopeful connection to the CSC in the future.

On the North side of the bay, a small village was also built, called Baywater. The village connected the land between M-Bay and Seapoint Industries together, creating an unbroken path from M-Bay, to N1cM4tth3w63's base a few hundred blocks further north. In June 2020, Head Mod 20.png simply_simon_ payed a visit to the base and gifted Montenator two posed armour stands with Scotland heads (as Montenator is from Scotland). The two armour stands became the M-Bay Gatekeepers, and could be found guarding the front entrance to the base.

July 2020 saw the addition of a second level to the base, on top of the main superstructure, featuring a map room of the surrounding area, a memorabilia room, an art gallery, a filming studio and a coffee bar. However after the second floor was created, progress more or less stalled on the base until late August, as Montenator teamed up with N1cM4tth3w63 , 20.png LazyNine and 20.png ElliotTheRedd to create the Dogcraft Hunger Games. In 2021 the base continued to see steady growth with the addition of a third tower and improvements to the bases interior.


M-Bay station as of March 2021.

M-Bay had an official SRN branch line station, fittingly named M-Bay Station. The station had three connections. The first was a 4 minutes southbound ride to West Station at the City of Gaia. This line would be the first to officially open, being completed on the 10th of January 2021. A day later on the 11th January 2021, the second line connecting M-Bay to the nearby base of N1cM4tth3w63, Sandstone Sights, was opened. On the 25th of February 2021, the final branch line from M-Bay station was opened, connecting to 20.png darparniox's city Takeshi. From Takeshi, the branch line continued on to the nearby city of Prosperity, then went on to terminate at North Station.

M-Bay was also a major destination of the Road and Horse Network. The base was connected to the rest of the network via M-Bay Road to the east, and Grove Avenue to the South, which also connected M-Bay to Gaia via paths. A northern road was also present which bypasses the main part of M-Bay and looped around Seapoint Industries to connect to Sandstone Sights.