Dogcraft Space Association

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Dogcraft Space Association
Survival 1
DSA Shuttle Launch site.png
Front view of the replica launch platform and Space Shuttle
WorldSurvival 1
Builder(s)20.png EllenNL
CompletedLate 2016
LocationX= -4246
Z= -7356

Not to be confused with the Alina Space Administration on Survival 4

The Dogcraft Space Association (DSA) was a large rocket launch complex and airfield built by 20.png EllenNL on the Survival 1 world of the Dogcraft Server. The DSA contained a detailed and elaborately decorated airfield, hangar, launch pad with service structure, replica Space Shuttle attached to launch rocket, and an administration building; all explorable with fully designed interiors.

Considered one of the more memorable and acclaimed set-pieces of the first survival world, the DSA—situated far north-west of spawn—was served by its' own eponymous Nether Transport Network station, connected by a purpose-built junction (Northern Star Station). The build was toured by ReNDoG in a base tour video, uploaded on the 13th of December, 2016.


ReNDoG touring the control room

The build featured a number of structures, all with fully modelled interiors. The base was built atop a flattened hardened clay (terracotta) platform, illuminated by embedded ground lighting to prevent monster spawning at night.

  • The launch pad and service structure, with mounted Space Shuttle affixed to its' external tank and rocket boosters. The service structure featured a ladder and piston access doors to allow entry to the shuttle, which could be climbed and explored.
  • The administration building, with a control room, conference room and offices. The control room featured replica banner flags of several countries, a large black screen, various control panels, and seats for mission personnel. The conference room featured a large dark-oak desk.
  • The hangar, containing a small replica jet and storage boxes.
  • An airfield with a runway for takeoff. A number of support vehicles could be found dotted on the airfield.



Base tour

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