Skin Wars

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Skin Wars
Survival 3

TypeTV Show
ActivitiesContestants are tasked through various challenges to find Dogcraft's next skin master.
Organizers20.png TrainerMoon (Host)
20.png dmgdog (Main Judge)
20.png ddameion (Main Judge)
WorldSurvival 3


Skin Wars was a reality competition TV show filmed in DoggyWood.
The general concept was a small handful of players were selected to compete in various skin making challenges in a single elimination process to determine who Dogcraft's next skin master. Every week a new episode would be released. With each episode there was a challenge tasked to the competitors, a runway, critiques, a winner, bottom placements, an elimination challenge, and an elimination. One by one, the number of competitors will drop until a winner is crowned.

The Skin wars never got past the planning phase.

Background SRN Opening by Montenator