Confederation of Desert Islands

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Confederation of Desert Islands
Survival 4
CODI Locomotive.png
A CODI Locomotive
TypeTransportation Project
World(s)Survival 4
Contributors20.png PyrosFir3, 20.png LittleBitMore, 20.png SeamusMinecraft, 20.png Splittingadams

The Confederation of Desert Islands (CODI) was a transport network project on the Survival 4 Husky world of the Dogcraft Server that branched the island(s) north of spawn. It was born out the idea to connect the many bases on the coastlines of the Islands to the SRN and simulate a system like the RHN. Since its start in October 2020, CODI built up its own railroads, stations, roads, and bridges. At the time, plans for a connected river and HQ were in progress.

Membership & Builders

CODI had 11 residential members and 4 associate (representative) members. There were 4 people who have built on the roads. These people included: 20.png PyrosFir3, 20.png LittleBitMore, 20.png SeamusMinecraft, and 20.png Splittingadams