Chaincastle Station

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Chaincastle Station
Chaincastle Station.png

Chaincastle Station on opening day.

World Survival 4 (Beagle))
Network Survival 4 Beagle Railway Network
Line North Line
Location X=-30
Builder(s) 09b4eb6f-2d53-4edb-a44b-dbe3cf3d428a?size=20.png Dudelmaster
Opened 6th February 2021
Station Stats
Nยฐ of Main Lines 1
Nยฐ of Branch Lines 0
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Chaincastle Station is the second SRN Station on the Survival 4 Beagle North Line. The construction of the station was primarily done by 09b4eb6f-2d53-4edb-a44b-dbe3cf3d428a?size=20.png Dudelmaster. Chaincastle Station would open to the public on the 6th of February 2021.


The station is built in a medieval - fantasy style, with stone brick, blackstone and magma blocks making up the majority of the block palette. The station also boasts a central spire where players can swim up to the top via a bubble-vator for a view over the surrounding area.

The interior features a floor made of crimson stems and has NTN access. As well as the two north line terminals, the station also possesses a branch line terminal for a potential future expansion.

The station was build in a snowy taiga biome in close proximity the the base of 85a3c2cb-d575-4b6c-a1d4-5f7805fa0ee9?size=20.png Eybwam, Northold Hollows. The station is also relatively close to the base of its builder Dudelmaster, Magmafortress.

North Line (Beagle)

Grand Central Station


Players building the house. Credit: darparniox (SRN Discord)
  • After the Chaincastle line opening, server moderator 58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog would go AFK. During this time, lots of other players that attended the opening banded together to create a small house out of blocks in their inventories before he returned.